How Does Australian Life Compare to the UK

Ask anyone contemplating moving the entire family down under what was the driving force behind their decision, and the chances are that their answer will be ‘to enjoy a better way of life’. When you are sitting in the cold, grey UK and the news is full of recessions, unemployment and debt it’s easy to think how much greener the grass grows in the southern hemisphere, but how does the life in Australia really compare to the UK?

That question can be answered very easily, it doesn’t. That may sound very flippant but stop for a moment and think about it, if life in Australia was much the same as the UK you wouldn’t move to the other side of the world away from all your friends and family.

The first thing that has to be mentioned is the climate, with long hot summers and mild winters, the thought of eating your Christmas dinner al fresco is very appealing for many. The climate can be diverse in Australia due to the sheer size of the country, and while many find the draw of the tropical climate in the likes of Cairns too good to resist, others prefer the temperate climate that exists in the southern states such as Victoria.

The climate dictates the lifestyle to a huge extent in Australia, with more time being spent out of doors than in. We have all heard of the great Aussie ‘barbies’ and this is very much the culture, to eat out of doors as much as possible. The social side of it is another plus, as it’s a proven statistic that most Brits barely speak to their neighbours never mind socialise, but this is a huge part of life down under, spending time with friends.

Getting out and participating in sporting activities is very much encouraged in Australia, and as a result they are a much healthier nation. You won’t find a sedentary generation of pasty faced teenagers stuck in front of computers and games consoles in Oz, sure, these have their place, but it is a definite second behind embracing the great outdoors and making as much of the opportunities on offer.

As far as working is concerned, transferring skills is a popular choice for those seeking to make the permanent move down under. Gas engineers, for example, often retrain to work in air conditioning, and there are of course those professions that are in demand, such as teaching or in the medical field, and having these skills can make the move a whole lot simpler. Wages can be higher or lower for the same job compared to the UK, but other factors such as shorter working hours and often better working conditions must be included in the mix for consideration.

There are a vast amount of outdoor opportunities that exist in Australia in comparison with the UK, and turning an outdoor hobby into permanent employment is a massive draw for those used to being stuck in factories and only really being able to enjoy being outside at weekend, weather permitting.

Comparing life in Australia with that of the UK is akin to comparing chalk with cheese, you really can’t. If you have had just about as much as you can take of the British rat race and are looking to improve your life on all levels you really have to look as far as possible beyond financial considerations and look at overall quality of life.

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