Job Opportunities in Brisbane

Brisbane enjoys good economic growth largely thanks to its vital contribution of agriculture and mining and it’s these industries that support the economic structure of Queensland.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are large swathes of areas dedicated to rearing cattle or sheep or harvesting plantations of cotton, sugar cane, fruit and vegetables. Jobs in this industry are hard to come by as the land is managed by generations of farmers and backpackers are eager to work the land in return for accommodation and some meagre spending money.

Historically the mining industry employed large numbers of permanent workers to exploit the natural reserves of coal, ores, metals and gas but Brisbane has not escaped the clutches of recession and the mining industry appears to have suffered the heaviest losses. There are plans for more mining projects in the future and if these are successful then the mining industry may well see another boom but until then, securing a job in this sector may be difficult for expats.

Jobs in Demand in Brisbane

According to, the best employment opportunities are in engineering as the demand for qualified engineers increases. Other major employers listed on the Queensland Government website are within the retail trade, manufacturing, health care, social assistance and construction.
The Queensland Sponsored Eligible Skills List currently has 24 occupations which includes mining engineers. Also have a look at the Skilled Regional Sponsored List. If you have an occupation on the Brisbane skills in demand list you can apply for state sponsorship, which means that you will be assessed for your suitability and to ensure that you will benefit the Queensland economy, you will then be nominated and will be a step closer to getting that golden permanent Australian visa.

If your application for nomination fails or your skill is not on the list then you can still apply for employer sponsorship if you have an occupation or skill that is proved to be in demand and your employer cannot find a suitable Australian citizen to fit the vacancy. See the Australian Government’s guide on employer sponsored workers.

Finding a job in Brisbane

Scouring the local newspapers are a good place to start and two of the main Brisbane ones are The Brisbane Courier Mail and The Brisbane Times. Don’t forget national newspapers like The Australian also cover Brisbane vacancies.

As well as newspapers, try online career portals such as amongst others which allow you to upload your CV for potential employers to peruse as well as giving you access to hundreds of job vacancies within your chosen field and area.

Some international recruitment agencies such as Reed or Adecco are worth contacting to discover which occupations are in demand with them and if your skills are transferable.

Don’t neglect the power of social networking too. LinkedIn is a great way to communicate with people in your industry association as the right contacts may be able to open doors or provide you with vital leads.

For more up to date discussion on jobs in Brisbane including working conditions and advice on how to get a job, head for the most popular expat forums such as Poms in Oz and British Expats.