Leaving Family and Friends to Move to Australia

Making a life-changing decision doesn’t come easy. Sometimes it’s forced upon us by employment circumstances and sometimes it comes after long and protracted discussions about what the future holds but once the decision is made there is the tricky subject of raising a move to Australia with family and friends.

Loved ones are always going to find it difficult to say goodbye, particularly grandparents but there are a few ideas which will help make the transition and the difficult job of saying farewell much easier on all of you.

How to Say Goodbye

Letting love ones get used to the idea of your leaving gradually is usually preferable to big shock announcements, so prepare them in advance by letting them know your thoughts and ideas.

Fully explain your reasoning and be prepared for some initial negativity. Loved ones may need reassuring that this is not a spur of the minute decision but something you have researched and fully discussed so set aside plenty of time to answer questions and be honest about those you can’t answer.

Get family involved in planning your move to Australia. Perhaps they could help research the right area, find out about housing costs or research the best international moving company. Getting people involved is a great way to make them feel included and valued.

Don’t have a farewell party, instead organise a Good Luck party and dwell on the positives of a fresh start with all your family and friends giving you their best wishes.

Keeping in touch

Grandparents especially can feel that they are missing out on their grandchildren’s development and it may not be possible to arrange frequent visits so it’s very important that the subject of staying in touch is raised before you leave.

If possible, set up a Skype account for elderly relatives and have a few conversations on it before you go just to make sure that they fully understand how it works.

IPods are easy and accessible ways to keep in touch so if you are able, perhaps you could invest in a few of these to give to close relatives so that you can chat whenever and wherever you please.

Don’t just say that you’ll be in touch as you’ll be so pre-occupied with the move that promises will be forgotten. Instead, set dates and times of when you will be in touch so that relatives aren’t left hanging on and know exactly when you are going to call or Skype.

A fun project for children (and something to keep them busy) is for them to make a video diary to send to relatives. They could video your new home, your local area, friends they have made etc. That way the folks at home feel more involved in your day-to-day lives.

Lastly, don’t expect everyone to be excited for you. Prepare for all emotions and don’t take anything too personally. Keep calm, be patient but stay firm. Hopefully the tips above will help saying goodbye, for both yourselves and your loved ones, just that little bit easier.