Other types of Visas Required to Live in Australia

Retirement Visa

This visa allows any self-funded retiree to hold temporary residency for up to four years when making a significant long-term investment in the country.

Requiring sponsorship from the State or Territory Government where the investment is to take place, successful candidates will have no dependents other than a spouse, will be over the age of 55 and meet all health and character requirements.

Though this visa can be renewed every four years it does not pave the way to more permanent residency in the country nor does it provide access to government benefits which means personal health insurance must be held for the entire life of the visa.

Spouse Visa

Anyone married to an Australian resident/citizen over the age of 18 or who is a de facto partner (opposite or same sex) can become eligible to live in Australia under this visa.

Available either inside or outside the country, any onshore applicant must hold an alternative valid visa at the time of the request. Initially issued on a two year basis, after this time the relationship will be reassessed and permanent residency will be awarded when the relationship is considered genuine.

All applicants must have been in an authentic relationship for a minimum of 12 months or have entered into a marriage contract recognised by the Australian government and meet all health and character requirements stipulated.

Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa allows any fiancé of an Australian Citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18 to enter the country and legally marry within a nine month period. Once married, the Spouse Visa should be applied for prior to the end of this permit.

Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate the relationship is authentic; that they know and have physically met their fiancé and are committed to entering into a genuine marriage.

Parent Visa

The Parent Visa enables individuals to move to Australia to join children that are already permanent residents or citizens of the country. As the number issued on an annual basis is limited, the wait for such a visa is long however it can be shortened by applying for a Contributory Parent Visa or an Aged Parent Visa which also provide instant permanent residency.

Remaining Relative Visa

Any sibling or relative that has no remaining close family outside of Australia can apply for this visa when sponsored by the Australian citizen or resident. As long as all application criteria are met, this visa provides permanent residency.

Education Visas

For those accepted to study for a degree or graduate diploma, the Higher Education Student Visa allows the holder work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and unlimitedly during holidays.

For under 18’sthe School Student Visa enables study in a primary school, secondary school or school exchange program when suitable financial and palliative provision has been made.

In addition, Vocational Training Student Visas, Postgraduate Research Student Visas and Non-Award Student Visas are available for those accepted to study in the country however all such permits are temporary and alternative forms of visa are required if any student wishes to extend their stay.

Details of all Visa requirements can be found here: http://australia.gov.au/.

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