Running Your Own Business in Australia

emploAustralia is continuously trying to attract new and skilled business people into the country and if you are able to contribute to the improved development of the economy then the Government are keen to support your success, offering a wide range of business skills visas.

Business Development Visa

When visiting the country for provisional meetings with a view to developing a new business, a Short Validity Business Entrant Visa is usually sufficient.

Part of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) facility, this permit can be requested via any reputable travel agent, airline, specialist service provider or via your local Australian Visa Office.

This Visa does not provide eligibility to work and is not suitable for those who wish to stay in Australia for repeatedly extended periods of time, both of which are covered under the Business Short Stay or Temporary Business Long Stay options, but is a quick and easy way of making your first inroads into developing a company in Australia.

Business Owner Visa

Initially offered on a provisional basis, all successful candidates must be under the age of 45 and able to demonstrate both strong commitment and sufficient funding to own a successful company as well as a proven history of business development in the UK.

The application must be accompanied by a detailed business plan illustrating your intentions but, once successful, will not only qualify you to own any proportion of an Australian company but will also allow your immediate family members to work or study during the life of the permit.

This visa is valid for up to four years and paves the way to apply for the Business Talent Visa after a minimum of two years which offers permanent residency in Australia.

If you are over 45 but under 55 and have a strong enough business case, it may still be possible for you enter the country under a State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa.

Business Talent Visa

This visa offers permanent residency in Australia to established successful business people who have achieved a minimum of AUD$3,000,000 turnover in at least two of the previous 4 years from their core activity and, though a maximum age limit of 55 years exists, this can be relaxed under exceptional circumstances.

Requiring State or Territory Government sponsorship, all applications must be submitted in conjunction with a full business plan and supporting evidence illustrating the availability of sufficient funds for such development.

Once successful, you will gain permanent residency with access to residents’ benefits including Medicare and Social Security along with the right to apply for full country citizenship.

Australian Investor Visa

This provisional visa for investment leads to qualification for a permanent Australian Investor Visa and is applicable for anyone who has a proven record of making successful investments of at least AUD$1,500,000 in Australian businesses for a minimum of four years as well as sufficient assets to settle in the country on a long term basis.

All applicants must be under 45 years, although dispensation can be made under a State/Territory Sponsored permit.

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