What Are The Top Sydney Attractions?

If you’re considering relocating to Sydney, Australia you’ll be happy to know there are a lot of sights for you to visit on weekend family trips. The land Down Under is full of gorgeous attractions, friendly people and fantastic events for you to participate in. You don’t have to be worried about a lack of fun and educational activities when you’re living in this thriving city. Here is just a sampling of some of the lively things to do and places to visit in Sydney.

Cruise The Sydney Harbour

The breathtaking Sydney Harbour is a major draw for many people and for good reason. The easiest way to get a real taste for the gorgeous sites is to get out and take a cruise of the phenomenal waters. There is something for everyone when out on the harbour. You can take a jet boat out for a personal escape or enjoy a romantic dinner cruise or sunset cruise. In addition, there are wonderful morning coffee and brunch cruises that attract a large number of people.

Taronga Zoo

This world renowned zoo is nicknamed the ‘zoo with a view’ because of the unique way they allow you to see the animals. Some of the local wildlife, such as koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and Tasmanian devils in addition to their selections from around the world are here for preservation and education. You can take an intimate tour that takes you behind the scenes of this amazing wildlife as well when you visit the Taronga Zoo.

The Amazing Blue Mountains

On the outskirts of Sydney, just around 70 km from the ocean lay the amazing Blue Mountains. If you’re travelling to the Blue Mountains from the centre of the city you’ll have about an hour trip. These spectacular mountains are listed as World Heritage. Having these fabulous mountains so nearby make it real easy to escape the city and get a little natural scenery in. Here you will be able to see fantastic waterfalls, the Three Sisters rock formations and walk among the bush land of Native Australia. Besides taking in the view of the mountains you’ll be able to spend some leisure time among the quaint country towns along the way and see the limestone caves.

The Sydney Opera House

For those of you who enjoy a little culture while you are out for a night on the town, the Sydney Opera House is a wonderful place to visit. It is an icon among the local people as well as many world travellers for both its amazing presence as well as the operas that are produced here. If you’re taking a trip to the Opera House make sure to schedule the time to go backstage and visit the amazing unique structures as well as learn about its history.

The Sydney Aquarium

Considered the number one attraction among this popular city, you can visit more than 11,500 aquatic animals in fabulous habitats along with a Great Barrier Reef display that is the world’s largest. Some animals you can expect to see while visiting are seals, crocodiles, rays, fairy penguins, platypi and sharks among many more.

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