Australian Food Favourites You Should Try

If you think of all of the different representatives of global cultures who have made their home in Australia, as well as recipes from the indigenous peoples, you’ll get an idea about the diversity of Australian food.

It’s not just about Barbies

Ozzie’s have a justifiable reputation for relishing the outdoors, with their climate that’s hardly surprising, and the barbeque is a great informal way of relaxing with a group of friends and trying a few culinary favourites. Expect to enjoy prawns, all cuts of meat, yes even kangaroo, as well as fish kebabs when eating al fresco. Another Australian favourite is emu. You can smoke the bird or even use it as a pizza topping.

Alternatively eat you emu with a traditional ‘damper.’ This bread traces its origins to the early days of Irish immigration and resembles traditional soda bread. It’s delicious when baked in the embers of a campfire.

One of the greatest foodie joys that Australia has given to the world is the Pavlova, though some purists claim that the dish was first created in New Zealand. Antipodean food tiffs notwithstanding, this wonderfully sweet confection comprising a meringue base filled with cream and then topped with fresh fruit is wonderful. Forget the calories – just eat and enjoy.

Multicultural Dinning in Australia

The Greeks, the Chinese and many others have all made their home in modern Australian so if you are visiting an area rich in restaurants with a foreign twist, you should definitely go and sample the fare. The food website even recommends that you celebrate Australia Day with a calamari, lemon aioli mint and pea salad.

Any Brits moving to Australia will be familiar with Marmite and Vegemite is quite similar. For some reason other countries just don’t produce their own variant on this wonderful paste.

Lamingtons are Luscious

Ask many Australians which food they most associate with their country and the response will usually include Lamingtons. This wonderful coconut flavoured, chocolate covered sponge cake is delicious, though it’s difficult to eat too many in one sitting.

With its wonderful climate and regional differences it’s not surprising that fresh fruit and vegetables are grown in abundance in this country. You could always enjoy a traditional meat pie, stalls are on most street corners, but fresh tropical salads are cheap and healthy, and taste delicious too.

Whatever you do, be sure to embrace Australia with an open mind and enjoy all the wonderful food this country offers.