UK Visa Requirements for Working in Australia

Qualifying to visit or even live in Australia does not necessarily mean that you are automatically eligible to work in the country. Any UK national that wishes to be employed in Australia must fulfil all specific requirements for the visa requested as well as basic criteria related to age, English language ability, occupation, skills, qualification, recent work experience, health and character.

There are two basic types of working visas available to British Expats that wish to work in the Australia:

Employer Sponsored Visa

The most common method of coming to work in Australia is when an Australian or international business can confirm your skills match those required for a particular vacancy in the country and the employer will sponsor entrance into that position via an Employer Sponsored Visa.

This permit usually starts on a temporary basis which then paves the way to the Employer Sponsored Permanent Visa in due course.

Under the Employer Sponsored Temporary Visa, an individual is legally entitled to hold the role specified for up to four years. During this period, the sponsored individual can travel freely in and out of Australia and also bring immediate family members into the country that are also eligible to work and study during this time.

Also known as the Australian 457 Visa, this permit can only be applied for once a qualifying employer has successfully registered as a sponsor and has completed the nomination requirements for the position that is to be filled.

Such a permit is valid only for the duration of a specified employment and if the situation changes and alternative employment with a qualifying employer is not achieved or a substitute visa is not granted within 28 days, eligibility to remain in the country expires.

Skilled Independent Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa is the ideal method of working in Australia if you have the relevant skills or qualifications to fill one of the country’s skill shortages as stated on the national Skilled Occupation List.

This Visa is awarded via a point assessment scheme and requires no formal sponsorship or guarantee of work. Each individual is required to achieve a minimum number of points, currently 65, and must be less than 50 years old.

Achievement of this type of visa entitles the holder to permanent residency in Australia which includes certain medical and social security benefits only available to residents, as well as the opportunity to apply for Australian Citizenship.

For those that have the skills required to fulfil one of the roles identified on the Skilled Occupation List but fail to meet the minimum points level on the assessment, alternative Skilled Sponsored Visas may be possible whereby a family member living in Australia or the State or Territory Government may be able to provide sufficient support to facilitate the application. This can be in the form of a general skilled sponsored visa or a Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa where you agree to apply your skills in a specified area within the country.

Full details of all Visa applications and eligibility can be found at or at Visas for Australia

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