Straightforward Canadian Visa Options

Coming to Canada to work can be an excellent opportunity, but sometimes visas can be difficult to obtain and can prove a lengthy process. However, this does not have to be the case. Here are some of the simplest ways to get a good start on making a new life in Canada, each of which will suit different skills and desires.

Express Entry

Canada just implemented the Express Entry program for skilled workers in January 2015. The program allows applicants to submit language test scores, Education Credential Assessments, and a list of relevant work experience, and then based on the total score in all categories, applicants are ranked against each other in a pool, and from this pool, Canadian Immigration can invite top candidates to apply for permanent residence through an express service that takes around six months. Top candidates are usually skilled workers and skilled tradespeople who can fill a labour deficit in Canada in certain areas of work, or who can contribute positively to the Canadian economy.

International Experience Canada

IEC is an annual program that allows young people from a number of selected countries who have a bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada to come there to work for up to two years. The idea is to encourage work and travel in participants age 18-35 (required age differs with each participating country) to broaden horizons. Each year, the Canadian government allocates a quota of available places to each participating nation, and these places are given out on a first come, first serve basis. There is a possibility of staying longer than the allocated IEC visa time, as secure employment has the potential to lead to sponsorship.

Study (and Work)

Study visas for Canada have a very fast processing time compared to other visa options. Also, as of June 2014, any individual pursuing a full time course of study in Canada – 15 hours per week and up – is eligible for a work permit that entitles students to find up to 20 hours of off-campus paid work to support themselves while they study. This makes studying in Canada more affordable, and if the course of study is for 8 months or longer, it is possible for students to apply for a work permit with the Post Graduate Work Permit Program to gain work experience in their field after graduation, and from there apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class.