Five Mistakes Expats Make When Moving Overseas

Making an international move is often one of the most significant decisions you can make in your life. Such a move will be a major transition, and you will need to consider many factors in your planning process. If you don’t plan it properly, your exciting dream of a new life as an expat can quickly become a nightmare.

To assist you in avoiding mistakes and making your move go as smoothly as possible, here are five mistakes expats should avoid when planning their move to another country.

Inadequate Research

The most important part of an international move is doing thorough research. Since this is such a significant move, it is crucial for you to know as much as possible well in advance. Some essential points to research include the following:

  • What items can you take with you? Some countries have restrictions on what you can bring in, such as certain food items and alcohol.
  • How are you going to move your household items? You must start checking out international removals companies as soon as you can so you can understand everything that’s involved.
  • What’s your budget for the move? You need to include the cost of your flights and any temporary transportation costs at your destination. You should also build up your savings to cover any unexpected expenses.
  • Where will you live? You need to gather information on residential areas suitable for you and determine whether you need to downsize at your new home.
  • Can you take your pets with you? If you can, you need to know if you need to bring any medical documents with you, including your pet’s vaccination records.

Poor Organisation

Just like with research, poor organisation is often a factor that leads expats to do things that make their move more difficult. As soon as you have determined where you’re relocating to and when you want to move, you should begin to organise the steps you need to take, including the relocation of your household belongs and deciding what you are going to bring with you and what you need to dispose of before you move. Organising yourself at the beginning of the process makes it less likely that you’ll run into problems as you get closer to your move date.

Poor Time Management

Eventhough you may have begun the planning process months in advance of your actualmove, your move date will arrive more quickly than you think. Therefore, it’sessential that you use your time efficiently by doing as much as you can early onand only leaving tasks to the end that you can’t accomplish earlier. Also, youmay be surprised at how long certain things may take once you arrive at yourdestination, such as getting your newhome organised, so effective time management is an essential skill.

Not Packing Correctly

If you’re sending most of your belongings with a removals company, it’s possible that you will get to your destination before your stuff does, so this is something you should consider when packing for your move. Your luggage should include both casual and work clothes as well as any needed toiletries and other personal care items. To play it safe, pack enough clothes for several weeks. Also, be sure to pack sensibly. For example, if you’re moving to a hot climate, there’s no need to pack your complete winter wardrobe.

Not Planning Properly For Your New Accommodations

It’s crucial to know where you will live after you move. If possible, you should visit your destination to assess your soon-to-be new neighbourhood. Also, before moving, you should measure the furniture you’re planning to take with you to see if it fits within the dimensions of your new home. This way, you won’t end up shipping furniture that won’t fit.