A Beginners Guide to Renting in New Zealand

If you are considering moving to New Zealand then it makes sense to consider renting a property before you rush in to buy as renting will give you a sense of the neighbourhood, transport links, the community, schools and work. Taking a holiday in New Zealand is often not enough to know all about living there, holidaying allows you to see the country through the eyes of a tourist, living there allows you to see it through the eyes of a resident so do consider spending a little time living in New Zealand before you take the plunge.

Most rentals in New Zealand come unfurnished, which in some ways makes it easier as you don’t have the additional costs of storage to think about. White goods and carpets are usually provided however. It is possible to find furnished rentals but they are few and far between. The rental market is buoyant in New Zealand at the moment and there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from.

Costs of Renting

As with most properties, those desirable homes in the city centre are going to be expensive whereas the rural properties will be cheaper. Look into things like transport to your workplace and into town which may allow you to rent a cheaper and more local residential property on the outskirts of the city.

Most letting agents will require a one-off fee which is usually around a week’s rental along with a deposit and possibly 2 weeks or a month’s rent in advance. Your deposit is around 4 week’s worth of rent and should be kept in a government run Bond Centre so make sure this is the case. The deposit will be returned to you once you leave and the property has been inspected.

Renters are expected to pay the utility bills, telephone and any other additional charges so make sure you have a list of the things that you are responsible for.

According to New Zealand’s Information Network, the average rental price for a 3 bedroom house ranges from $225 to $600 per week with Invercargill being the cheapest place to rent and Central Auckland being the most expensive. The South Island does have the lowest rental prices. The national median is around $350 per week

Find Properties to Rent in New Zealand

Search through local newspaper sites for letting advertisements and contact the real estates in the area with the criteria you are looking for so they can keep you updated as to what comes on the market. There is also a selection of newspapers such as The New Zealand Herald which has property sections

There are a number of online sites you can search such as RealEstate and Professionals.

If you require more information about renting and renters rights in New Zealand then the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is a good place to start.