Things to do in Auckland

Beautiful Auckland is just bursting with exciting attractions, with everything from excellent restaurants and shopping to incredible natural wonders, guaranteeing that there is something available for everyone’s unique tastes. With so much to see and do, here is a short list of unmissable things to experience on your trip to Auckland:

Winery Tours

Auckland is encompassed by four wine regions, providing tourists with an excellent array of choices for winery tours and tastings. Whether you take the time to explore these wineries at your own pace, or arrange a guided tour, expect to encounter beautiful scenery and landscape, a selection of excellent local wines available for sampling, and some top-notch dining options, as many of the wineries boast fantastic restaurants and bistros on site.

Volcano Trekking at Rangitoto

Auckland is famous for its magnificent volcanic landscape, with the region home to 48 volcanic cones. One of the most popular volcanoes for visitors lies on Rangitoto Island, just off the coast. Simply take the ferry across the harbour to the island and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes! It is possible to explore the volcano on foot, or to book a guided tour that will take you to the summit in a four wheel drive off road experience. Get ready to take in incredible views, and take a close look at wonders such as natural lava caves and a walk through NZ’s biggest pohotukawa forest. An experience not to be missed, for sure!

Beautiful Beaches

You will be so spoiled for choice in Auckland when deciding which beach to take a trip to, with the area home to an array of different beach experiences, including surfing hotspots, black sand wonders, and beautiful paradise beaches. No matter what your tastes, Pakiri beach is a must see. Just north of downtown Auckland, this beach has a great location that makes it popular with locals and tourists alike. Relax on the pristine white sand, go fishing, surfing or kayaking, or try a horseback ride along the oceanfront.

Queen Street Entertainment

No matter which wild adventure you may choose to embark on during your time in Auckland, make sure you take in all that the CBD has to offer by taking a trip downtown to Queen Street. Bursting with pubs, restaurants, and excellent shopping, Queen Street also boasts art galleries, theatres and the Sky Tower – an iconic part of the Auckland skyline, which you can ascend to the top of to take in an amazing panoramic view of the city.