Ten Must See Sights of New Zealand

Whether you are moving to New Zealand as an expat or you are visiting on holiday, there are some New Zealand sights that you simply cannot miss and which range from the historical and wondrous to the silly and downright bizarre.

So here are the 10 must see sights of New Zealand that would be a crime to miss.

1. Bay of Islands

With 144 small islands, friendly dolphins, pristine beaches and varied culture on every island it’s no wonder the Bay of Islands is one of New Zealand’s top destinations!

2. Waitomo Caves

These ancient limestone caves are also known as the Waitomo Gloworm caves thanks to the little creatures whose tiny bodies light up the caves. Take a boat ride through the caves and witness the stunning spectacle for yourself.

3. Auckland’s Sky Tower

Auckland must surely feature on every top ten tourist destinations of New Zealand and the Auckland Sky Tower affords the visitor a 360 degree view of the city and the volcanoes and coast beyond. Daredevils can even opt to jump from part of the tower itself!

4. Kaikoura (Neptune’s Playground)

Kai koura means “eat crayfish” and when in Kaikoura that’s exactly what you should do! This little coastal town is famed for its abundance of seafood and is arguably the best place to do a little whale watching.

5. Wellington

Any trip to New Zealand has to take in the capital of Wellington! It’s a young, vibrant city, the gateway to South Island and the cultural capital of New Zealand. Visit the many bars and restaurants along the waterfront and pop into the National Museum to discover more about New Zealand’s past.

6. The Leaning Tower of Wanaka

Eat your heart out Pisa, New Zealand’s very own Leaning Tower of Wanaka leans at an impossible angle of 53 degrees! It also features a backwards clock that has been counting down since the Millennium and now draws in thousands of tourists who all try to figure out the secret of how the tower stays up at all!

7. Lake Taupo

The largest freshwater lake in all of Australasia, Lake Taupo is ringed by mountains and was the result of a super volcanic eruption which is still erupting to this day. The lake is teeming with life and is popular with trout fishers and water sports lovers.

8. Rotorua

This unique place is like no other on earth! Filled with hot geysers, bubbling mud, sinter formations and thermal spots and home to the aptly named Hell’s Gate all within a short distance from Rotorua city centre!

9. Bay of Plenty

New Zealand’s fruit basket stretches along the coast of North Island incorporating fruit orchards, mountain ranges, an active volcano and bustling and lively ports.

10. The Republic of Whangamomona

During a dispute with 2 councils the residents of Whangamomona declared themselves a republic and now have an elected president (after 2 serving animals, a goat and a poodle) and even encourage visitors to get visas.