4 Tips for the Best Expat Experience in SA

With its beautiful natural charm and laid back way of life, South Africa is fast becoming a popular destination for expats. If you are thinking of moving to South Africa, here are a few key things to consider:

Choose Your City Wisely

There are lots of wonderful places to live in South Africa, but many expats tend to flock to the bigger cities for job opportunities and education availability. Skilled workers may be able to find good job opportunities in certain sectors of South Africa’s cities, but policies such as the Affirmative Action policy mean that locals are favoured over expats for job vacancies, meaning it can be hard to find work. The climate does vary around South Africa – the Western Cape has a Mediterranean-type climate, whereas the rest of the country has a semi-desert climate with cold, dry winters and rain in summer; this is definitely worth considering before relocating.

Diversity is Everywhere

South Africa is a wonderful melting pot, the country boasts no less than 11 official languages, as well as many people who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, making it a country rich in heritage and history. When relocating to South Africa it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the country’s peoples and cultures. South Africa still has a slight reputation for being dangerous, and there are definitely still some poor areas that have a lot of crime. However, if you are sensible and cautious, as with relocating anywhere, you will generally find the locals to be friendly and welcoming.

Explore the Country

There is so much to see and do in this area of the world – take advantage of it! From safaris at Kruger National Park to abseiling from Table Mountain, from the beaches of Durban to the Winelands and beauty of the Garden Route, there is something in South Africa for everyone’s taste. It is not everywhere in the world that you can drive only one hour from the bustling metropolis of a city centre and suddenly be in a national park viewing lions, zebra and elephants!

Enjoy a High Standard of Living

Expats in South Africa will find the costs of living low compared to other developed countries. Expats are often able to enjoy living in a lovely house with home help, should they desire. Service costs, and the cost of activities such as eating in restaurants and drinking in bars are low so expats will find their money usually goes a long way.