South Africa’s Top 4 To-Do’s

South Africa is a destination that is bubbling over with things to do and see – from beautiful scenery and terrific adventures to delicious cuisine and poignant history, South Africa offers something for everyone. Here are some of the most interesting things to do in this incredible nation.

1. Safari – Your Way

A breathtaking and unique experience, Safari trips to see “The Big 5” are unique to certain parts of Africa, and SA offers you an excellent chance to observe all five on the list. You can choose for all out luxury accommodations at lodges along the Garden Route, or opt for a budget-friendly option of self-driving, which is actually easier than you may think: Kruger National Park is only 3 hours from Johannesburg, and is teeming with awesome wildlife that make it one of SA’s most visited places.

2. Table Mountain Abseil

woman Absailing cliff face
Absail Table Mountain, Cape Town. Source: (Creative Commons)

Cape Town is a mecca of incredible experiences, and one of the most popular for the daring is the Table Mountain abseil. Take a cable car to the top, soak in the extraordinary views, and then begin your descent back into the city, hanging from a rope! The less adventurous can take the cable car both ways, and it is also possible to hike up the mountain – but be prepared for some exhausting trails to get there.

3. History at Robben Island

Prison interior, Robben Island
Prison interior, Robben Island. Source: (Creative Commons)

While in the Cape Town area, if you are interested in absorbing some of SA’s unique and troubled history, head to Robben Island to learn more about apartheid in SA. The island, now a World Heritage Site, is a symbol of both the oppression of the past and the hope for the future, and is well worth taking a look at if you want to see for yourself where Nelson Mandela was locked up for 18 years and troubles the prisoners experienced there.

4. The Golden Mile

Durban beach view
Durban’s golden sands. Source: (Creative Commons)

The beautiful sandy beaches of Durban are often referred to as the Golden Mile. If you are looking for beach culture, sunshine, and good vibes, head to Durban to check this spot out and soak up some sun. The beach there is clean, the area safe, and there are heaps of activities to indulge in. The nearby Drakensberg mountains are a spectacular sight, and very popular with hikers, while visitors can also choose to explore the world’s second highest waterfall, Tugela Falls. The area is also a huge attraction for divers, as many sharks are native to the area.