Getting a Job in the US

For those expats who are moving to the USA, finding work is never going to be an easy task. Employment has slowed since the economic downturn and unemployment is a major factor in every election talk. Currently unemployment stands at 12.5 million. Yet there are still jobs out there, particularly for expats so if you are looking for work in America don’t be disheartened just yet.

Some employment sectors have seen a growth, particularly within the catering and restaurant business, professional and technical services and healthcare according to the US Department of Labor. Those sectors which have suffered the worst have been manufacturing and construction.

If you work for a multi-national company then transferring is the easiest way by far as more expats are being posted to the USA each year and the trend is rising.

How to Increase Your Chances of a Job in America

Look into what skills are needed and focus on them. The US does not have a skills list but there are visa categories for priority workers for example, which can mean those who have a respected position in education, the arts, athletics, science etc. Basically the more education, skills and experience you have then the better your chances are of getting a job.

Recent growth has been seen in biofuel technology as the demand for green energy rises so if you work within the green industry, start applying now and you could get yourself an employer-sponsored visa.

Head for the major cities of Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago etc and try to avoid the Great Plains region where unemployment is at its highest, such as Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Finding a Job in the US

The media is the first place to start. The Jobsearch UK weekly journal has a page dedicated to overseas jobs but these days it’s just as easy to look online. Search for credible publications such as USA Today and the Washington Post which advertises national jobs. If you already have a good idea of which state you want to live in like New York, then search the New York Times.

Employment Agencies may also offer temporary lifelines or even pave the way for a permanent job. Many large agencies are international such as Adecco and Reed.

Advertised jobs can also be found on career websites such as and you can usually join and upload your CV for free. One of the official websites for jobs which is endorsed by the US government is USAJobs.

The US version of the Job Centre is the Employment Service Center and you’ll find these scattered around the major cities. They are state owned and will provide job placements and free advice.

The best advice anyone can give is to keep a close eye on the employment market in America, find out which sectors are likely to do well in the future, such as green energy, and hone your skills in this field. If you can offer a set of skills and experience that is in short supply then you have a much better chance of not only a job in America but that coveted visa too.