Understanding Gun Culture

Dealing with and actually understanding different cultures are not exactly the same. Moving to the USA can often throw up its fair share of issues when it comes to integrating with a new way of life. For Europeans moving across the pond, one of the biggest obstacles regarding mixing into the new American way of doing things is the constant presence of guns in the home.

2nd Amendment and More

Here in the UK and most of Europe, guns are a big no-no and as a result, we see far less gun related crimes and murders. Over in the USA it is a totally different story and you only have to look at recent news headlines to see the devastating consequence that this association produces. The 2nd Amendment is all about Americans having the right to produce arms in order to protect what is theirs, no matter what the outcome may be. The problem that this law has produced is that there are now so many guns and shootings in the USA that it is becoming an epidemic. But try and argue that these proud people should not be carrying arms and you will soon find yourself in a corner with very little support.

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

When you think about the facts that many Americans are taught to shoot and hunt from a very early age, it makes you wonder if they will ever start to change these ingrained views about the gun laws, despite the tragic facts and figures. But a group known as Moms Demand Action have certainly bucked the trend and they are actively promoting gun safety in the home with some fairly positive results. It does seem that in order to make gun lovers listen with any degree of sincerity, you have to be an American in the first place. Woe betides any European who dares to question the all-powerful 2nd Amendment!

The Need to Bear Arms

Despite the previous group’s intentions, it is unlikely that the next decade will see any dramatic change in the way that gun culture is openly accepted in the USA. You only need to pop over to Texas to experience the ‘open carry’ laws to understand that the Wild West is alive and well and not just restricted to a few backwater towns. They say that the right to bear arms is all about freedom but maybe this is one culture clash that can only end in tears, time will tell.