Living in Burlington, Vermont

The first thing that will strike you about Burlington, Vermont is it’s quaint beauty. Nestled among the Green Mountains at the side of the mammoth Lake Champlain, the small city boasts endless amounts of charm and picturesque views.

Agricultural Roots

In the past, Burlington would have been something of a farm town, with many people growing produce locally. However, in recent years, the ski mountains located nearby the city entice a lot of people to the area, who often stop in downtown Burlington to soak up the atmosphere. Take a stroll down the pedestrianised Church Street in the city centre and you will see why people love Burlington – you’ll encounter what looks like a year-round winter wonderland, with the fairy lights strung from the trees, bustling bars serving craft beer and the local stores selling hand crafts and organic foods.

A Young and Vibrant City

The second thing you will notice is the overwhelming presence of two demographics: college kids, and skiers (though these demographics overlap more often than not). Burlington is bursting with young, enthusiastic energy. Though it is a relatively small city, Burlington is home to three colleges – University of Vermont, Champlain College, and St. Michael’s college which is located just outside the city in the next town over.

As a result of the ski communities and students coming in droves to the area, Burlington is nothing if not extremely trendy and liberal, with a dual focus on good education and progressive thinking which benefits the community as a whole. Vermont boasts the most breweries per capita of any US state, and craft beer is integrated into the Vermonters identities in a big way. After a day on the slopes, you can stop at most of the bars downtown and be able sample local delights such as Magic Hat or Switchback.

Encouraging Local Produce

Farmers’ markets are also a quintessential part of Burlington life. Take a stroll through town on a Saturday morning and you are met with a gluten-free, organic, cruelty-free and delicious medley of all things grown and sourced locally. Burlington is into the “think globally, act locally” movement in a big way, and you will find not a single Walmart or similar type store in sight within the city limits.

There is a real homegrown attitude of support and camaraderie for local business in Burlington that is uncharacteristic of an average modern American city. So, if you are planning on moving to Burlington, get ready for some skiing, some organic eating, and a really fantastic community vibe.