Living in San Francisco, California

The famous poet, Rudyard Kipling once said ‘the only drawback to living in San Francisco is how hard it is to leave’. The city is synonymous with a laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle.

Moving to the USA

If you are thinking of relocating to America there are plenty of reasons why you should try San Francisco. Apart from its beautiful beaches and amazing hilltop views you can also enjoy the year-round free festivals and concerts. Another great aspect of life in the city is the wide variety of restaurants, art shows and music venues. San Francisco has also ranked as one of the happiest, healthiest and best cities in the country.

Healthy Food and Wine Drinking

If you are looking for some of the world’s best wines then heading to the Napa and Sonoma vineyards in Northern California will not let you down. According to the Mayo clinic in the US a glass or two of red wine a day can lower the risk of heart disease and help reduce cholesterol. You can also enjoy the city’s food markets which supply some of the best organic fruit and vegetables available. The city is renowned for its large vegetarian community and also its healthy living.

Changeable Weather and Hills

If you are driving in San Francisco (SF) you must make sure you’re really good at hill starts and parking very close to other cars. The hills in this city are beyond belief and having an e-brake on your car is a necessity. There are also a large number of people who either ride bicycles or walk due to the constant traffic jams. The roads seem like it’s always rush hour. If you leave for work or you’re just going out for the day, you can never tell what the weather is going to be like. One minute it can be sunny and in the 70s the next it can be raining and chilly. So go prepared.

Business is Booming

If you’re thinking of starting a new business then San Fran could be the right place to begin. It’s very easy to network in this Hi-Tech city and there are plenty of investors looking for the next new success to come along. Relocating to San Francisco might be the best move you’ve ever made, for you, your business and your family.