UK/US Expats: Missing home? Maybe This Can Help

For all of those Brits who have settled across the pond in the States or Canada, many will find that quality of life is incredible and the weather is perfect – whether you have set off in search of sunshine or snowy mountains. However, nearly everyone is filled with some kind of “there’s no place like home” nostalgia at one point or another. So for all of the expats who took the dive by moving to the United States, here are some of the most British places to take a visit to on the North American continent:

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston corner house
Boston corner house. Source: (Creative Commons)

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. The British and Irish influence is rife in this chilly east-coast city, from the grand architecture of many of Boston’s iconic buildings, such as Faneuil Hall, to the fact that the city even has a British Legion, a cricket club and a Royal British school! Those missing home can head to the Museum of Fine Arts and take in Mario Testino’s British Royal Portrait Collection there, before enjoying a spot of afternoon tea at the Four Seasons. For those who want to indulge in a famous bit of Brit history, tourists flock to see the Boston Tea Party being re-enacted daily – and expats are welcome to go and join them!

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica pier
Santa Monica pier. Source: (Creative Commons)

Sunny California may not be the first place that would cross people’s minds to find reminders of the UK, but beachside Santa Monica, which has attracted many British expats to settle there over the last 50 years, and as a result, has brought many British reminders to the area. The town is packed with quaint Brit-style pubs, some of which even open at ungodly hours to broadcast live Premier League games from the homeland. Several British shops in the area are excellent places to find staples like tea, marmalade and the delicious British chocolate that the USA is sadly lacking in! (Not sure about Cadbury’s since that infamous lawsuit however.)

Victoria, British Columbia

Empress hotel, Victoria
Empress hotel, Victoria. Source: (Creative Commons)

Often hailed as “The Most British City in Canada”, in summer, Victoria has a lovely seaside feel reminiscent of Brighton, Bournemouth or Cornwall. The city is full of lovely English Brew Pubs, and there are tons of spots to grab some fish n’ chips to go, or sit down for a slap up curry. Visit Oh Sugar sweet shop for a great taste of British sweeties, and check into Hotel Zed for the night for some fantastically kitsch décor that will make you feel like home for sure!