Top Reasons to Move to the United States

The US owes its success and reputation as one of the most powerful countries in the world, largely to migrants who emigrated there from European shores; amongst them British expats who dreamt of a better standard of living and greater opportunities. These are the main reasons why many British people still choose to emigrate to the US today, although not in such vast numbers. The Daily Telegraph reported in 2007 that 8 in every 100 Brits leaving the UK were heading for America. So what exactly does the US offer British expats?

The Economy

If you listen to the media then America’s economy is in a pretty poor state, however when you compare it to the British economy it’s actually in a much better position and is currently growing more than predicted, knocking up a growth of 1.7% between April to June 2012 according to a BBC news report. The CBO have stated that they expect America’s economy to continue to grow at a modest pace although warning that the end is far from over. Compare that with the UK economy which shrank by 0.5% for the same period.

Standard of Living

Self improvement features highly on everyone’s agenda in America, from boundless investment opportunities for any nationality living in America to the availability of almost every service you can think of. Americans have one of the highest standards of living in the world, competing closely with Australia and Canada and once the health reforms come through that entitles every American to affordable healthcare, those liveability scores are set to get even higher.

The US regularly comes in the top 20 of the UN Human Development Index and came 13th in the Economist’s Quality of Life Index. The cost of living is favourable when compared to the UK although there are obviously discrepancies between cities such as those between London and Carlisle.

The weather is also favourable, being of a temperate climate for the most part, unlike the wet weather that is normally experienced in the UK!


Unemployment rates between the UK and the USA are very similar, at around 8% but when you compare population rates, the US unemployment statistics suddenly look very favourable indeed!

The International Labour Organization published the average wage based on data collected from 72 countries and the USA came before the UK and was 4th overall, giving Americans more spending power, especially when you take into account a lower cost of living than in the UK and a more favourable tax system in the US.

In 2012 The Guardian Money supplement listed 2 American cities, Portland in Oregon and Maui in Hawaii, as 2 of the 5 best places to live in the world based on, among other things, value for money and the friendliness of the locals. Add to that an abundance of opportunities and you will begin to realise why America has one of the world’s highest immigration rates as everyone still clamours for that little piece of the American dream.