Top 4 US Cities for UK Expats

The USA is an amazingly large and diverse country, and there are a million different options for expats relocating to the States to choose from when finding a new city to settle in. Here are four of the top picks for expats moving to the USA.

1. San Francisco

This is a bit of a no-brainer as San Fran checks pretty much all the boxes to guarantee excellent quality of life. Located in Northern California, the CIty by the Bay, San Francisco, offers residents warm summers and mild winters, excellent dining and entertainment options, and a city with low unemployment and crime rates. The city has an excellent reputation for education, and concentrates a lot on looking after the environment, meaning residents also enjoy clean air.

2. Burlington, Vermont

Lake Champlain, Vermont
Lake Champlain, Vermont. Source: (Creative Commons)

The biggest city in Vermont offers a taste of mountain life for expats. Known for its natural beauty, Vermont has excellent skiing and winter sports, and is known for its very low rates of crime. It’s also frequently praised for having wonderful educational institutions. Burlington as a city has plenty of job opportunities, and is constantly listed as one of the best places in America to raise a family. Located on the banks of Lake Champlain, residents enjoy access to lots of outdoor activities, and agriculture in the area means residents can enjoy plenty of fresh local produce.

3. New York, New York

Central Park, New York City
Central Park, New York City. Source: (Creative Commons)

For a taste of something fast-paced and exciting, New York is an excellent choice for young professional expats, with endless job opportunities in fashion, media, finance and business – and pretty much everything else in between! In terms of things to do, there are bars, restaurants, shows, museums and shopping galore, as well as some of the world’s best educational institutions. And to make sure residents can still feel connected with nature in this buzzing metropolis, Central Park – probably the most famous city park on earth – is right on your doorstep. You will never be bored in New York City for sure!

4. Seattle

Seattle skyline, Washington state
Seattle skyline. Source: (Creative Commons)

Seattle is a beautiful city with an economy that has benefited hugely from the presence of tech giant Microsoft. The city is economically stable all round, and employment levels are very high – nearly 17% of the city’s population currently hold a graduate degree. Though the north-western city has a large amount of rainfall, this is more than compensated for with the presence of four professional sports teams, and an excellent selection of local eats – a visit to Pike Place Fish Market is a must for foodies.