Map of Australia
Map of Australia. Source: ( Creative Commons )

According to the Federal Government of Australia, there is a plan to increase the targeted numbers for the 2012- 2013 migration program. This targeted increase aims to provide additional places to fill the shortage in skills across various sectors of the Australian economy.

While the nation is already stable in most sectors, other areas of the industry are still largely unexplored for opportunities. This move is projected to have an increase in the number of British expatriates who are interested in staying in Australia to live and work.

According to Chris Bowen MP, the Minister for the Immigration and Citizenship, the proposed budget for 2012 to 2013 will not only increase the number of jobs but also improve the growth of Australia’s economy.

Skill shortages are quite prominent in the country especially in the industrial sector. This increase will include 5000 new places, covering the gaps in the skill pool for short and medium term employment. The program aims to incorporate a skill stream of more than 120,000 places as well as more than 60 thousand family places.

The reservations for regional programs are around 16,000. These aim to cover a considerable number of skilled workers to cover the skill gaps in areas like engineering, construction, mining and others. The government aims to balance out the shortage on these skill gaps. The goal is to further improve the economy and to strengthen community conditions. This proposal was based on studies in which skilled migrants are increasing in population in regional areas where the demand for specific jobs are increasing.

Other reforms that are being made to make it easier for skilled migrants to be enticed to enter the Australian work force, is to improve the employer sponsored programs. By making them more responsive and streamlined, the turnaround is expected to reach desired numbers. The current government of Australia is taking numerous reforms to update and improve the skilled migration program.

Aside from work related reforms, The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship recognizes the importance of social benefits and thus, the number of social places has also increased from 58,000 to 60,000. Close family ties are vital to ensure that migrants can easily adjust to the new environment and enjoy the work, as if they are in their own home country. In fact, the ministry recognises that partners and their children could be very good contributors to the growth of the country in terms of productivity.

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