Changes in Australian Immigration Policies Could Affect Application of Future Expats

According to a top relocation specialist, UK professionals and students interested in living and working in Australia might have to act sooner rather than later in finding a good placement.

According to Crown Relocations, Australian Migration rules are set to incorporate and implement new amendments to the visa application process by July 1 2012. The changes are expected to make it more difficult for interested parties to acquire permanent residency in Australia. While the work options in Australia and employment rates are still very much healthy, the changes are made to be stricter, to strike a balance between those who just want to be an Australian citizen or those who have the actual skills and capacity to bring growth to the various job sectors in the country.

The new policy involves adapting a new kind of visa processing format called SkillSelect. In this new, electronic process, interested individuals who would like to get a visa to work in Australia are required to send a fully accomplished Expression of Intent. If given an invitation, the person can lodge an application for numerous programs in different subclasses including the Independent and nominated permanent class and the regional sponsored, provisional class as well as business skills program.

The EOI is also very advantageous for those applying for Employer nomination scheme, temporary long business class, and regional sponsored migration schemes.

This process, according to the Australian Government aims to simplify the process of finding skilled workers and limiting the shortages by creating more structure for the migration process. This new method aims to easily categorize and create a skills pool for certain industries and jobs. Employers can then make faster processing and figure out preferred applicants seeking permanent or temporary positions. Also, SkillSelect is a free service and makes it easier for employers to actually find potential applicants in the UK and other countries.

The idea of the SkillSelect service is to make it easier to detect the most qualified candidates, not just select from a massive pool of different career options. By giving the employers more freedom and ease in finding candidates, those who plan to apply must have considerable experience, since most jobs that are available in Australia are designed for those with skilled training.

At the moment, the current visa processing option is being implemented so all visas forwarded at this point will be processed in the current standard method. Competent UK applicants with considerable training and work experience in a certain field will be highly considered when the new method is implemented.

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