The Draw of Australia to British Expats

Australia, a unique country along the Southern Hemisphere, may be close to Asia, but still adapts a very western vibe due to the influence of the UK over the years. The country has been an enticing option for many expats because of how easy it is to adopt the Australian way of life. Job prospects are also very positive.

According to a recent online poll in cooperation with Barclays Wealth International, there are many reasons why UK citizens opt to take the challenging task of moving and starting over in Australia.

26% of expats agree that the standard of living in Australia is a tremendous improvement to the situation in the UK. It is not just the nice weather and vacation worthy sights and scenes. Those who opted to stay there for the long haul were enticed by the standards of living that has picked up and strengthened in the last 2 decades or so.

UK expats also find the job market in Australia quite a strong reason to move. The low unemployment rate and tons of work opportunities for skilled workers make it more appealing to stay and live there. A lot of businesses in Australia are expanding across the globe and multinational industries are also very much established in the country. Also, given its history of fast recoveries, Australia was very quick to move past the recession state and is now a stronger economy compared to other nations.

Tourism is a major business in Australia since it has some magnificent natural and manmade sights to offer, like the Sydney Opera house, the Great Barrier Reef, and the sprawling landscapes, desserts, rock and mountain formations. Tourism is a great draw but only works for short periods of time. Expats, on the other hand can still enjoy this feature since they can travel across the country without being limited by time especially if they have work or are already considered as residents of Australia.

However, even UK Expats cannot deny that living costs in Australia are still high. The advantage is that it is not that high compared to the UK and other nations. This is where geography fails Australia. Products need to be shipped at higher costs and so prices of common goods can be significantly higher compared to other countries in the world. But, since natural produce and agriculture are very prominent in Australia, UK expats will find some food items here cheaper compared in the UK.

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