Expat Brits Love Affair with Australia

We Brits have always been a nation of wanderers, you can go back a thousand years or more to see how we’ve managed to navigate our way across the seas, land and even the skies. So it isn’t really a surprise to learn that more than 5 million of our countrymen and women have since attained expat status.

Australia Most Popular Country to Settle in

The reasons behind this apparent exodus can be attributed to retirement, better earnings and an overall lack of enjoyment with life on this island. You may be shocked to learn that despite the small population and great distance, Australia is the place that most Brits tend to gravitate towards. A massive 1.27 million Brits have made their home down under and it seems that many more are soon to follow.

Number 2 on the expat list is the USA and Canada comes a close third. It isn’t hard to see why over 1 million Brits have swapped their crummy weather, boring commutes and packed cities for an apparent slice of paradise. Whilst not all of the preferred target countries have warm weather, most of them do and that must be the top draw when it comes to reasons to uproot.

Heading Towards a Brighter Future

Making the choice to migrate is something that requires a huge amount of thinking and no little soul searching, but the rewards can justify the inconvenience if the right place is eventually chosen. As well as better paid jobs and a higher standard of living, the feeling of empowerment can never be underestimated,

Our failing economy has only helped the brain drain and even now we have recovered, the expats are still leaving in droves and who can really blame them? Spain used to be one of the most popular places for retirees and those who dream of working in the bars of the Mediterranean. Although those heady days are long gone, an impressive 318,000 of the older generation are proud to call Spain home.

move to Australia, or even New Zealand, is not something we could take lightly, but for those lucky and brave enough to make this move, the future is bright in more ways than one.