Why Canberra is Becoming More Popular with British Immigrants

Australia has traditionally been the UK’s number one destination for Brits wanting to move abroad. The majority of immigrants head for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, often overlooking Canberra as a relocation destination.

But in recent years, Canberra is becoming increasingly popular amongst Brits. Perhaps the main reason this bustling cosmopolitan is not a primary destination, is because of its location. Canberra is situated approximately 90 miles from the coast. This is quite a trek for the average beach-loving Brit. But if you can get over this, Canberra has an awful lot to offer.

The city is located in a peaceful bush setting and has an abundance of high quality schools situated nearby, plus it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. The crime rates are also low and the pace of life in the city is very relaxed. If you’re retired, or have a family, Canberra can therefore be the perfect destination.

There’s also a lot of money spent on art projects, making it one of Australia’s cultural hubs. The property is often cheaper than the likes of Brisbane or Perth, and homes usually sit on generous plots of land.

Education is one of the biggest plus points of the city. If you have children then Canberra offers plenty of opportunity in terms of further education. The city is also a relatively safe place for them to grow up. If you’re a family thinking of moving to Australia, and Canberra is top on your list, it’s recommended to move to a suburb where your chosen school is located. Otherwise, it can often be difficult to secure a place if you don’t live locally. Transportation to and from the school may also make life more difficult.

The University is located in Belconnen, which is also where Calvary Hospital, Canberra Stadium and the Australian Institute of Sport are located. The area even has its own man made lake.

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