British Expats Consider Living in Australia more Rewarding

According to another survey on British expatriates in Australia, the majority of respondents agree that living abroad has been more enjoyable than life back home. Numerous expats who were planning on moving back decided to forego the plan in the last 6 months or so. They think that staying put in Australia is more promising.

In fact, 65% of the British expats agree that financial conditions are more manageable abroad. If something is going well, why make the change? With the depressing news on Europe’s Euro, most expats think that staying in Australia could be financially safer. The survey conducted by Lloyds TSB International revealed that in the last 6 months, there was an increase of 11% of expats who think that staying in Australia is a wiser strategy.

The rising population of UK expats reveals that their aversion on UK standard of living is growing. Only a small percentage of 14% still believe that there is something promising in the UK when they go back. This survey was implemented on 867 respondents. According the Jakob Pfaudler, the managing director of Lloyds TSB, majority of people who move abroad are happy that they did that move. Pfaudler also reported that there was an increased pessimism among the respondents who said that financial prospects in the UK are bleak. While the austerity of Britain is blatantly presented in media and news, even if they contribute to how expats view the UK, this is not the only factor that makes them think that staying here is better. They say that the lifestyle has a bigger influence to them staying in Australia.

According to the results of the Lloyds TSB survey, there are two major factors that drive people to stay: either they want to improve their lifestyles or they want to help their families. Though career and having financial stability are very crucial factors, most of the UK expats only look at them as consolation to their decision to move. In another survey, UK expats who are happier in their living environment tend to stick to their employer and be more loyal to them.

Another assessment shows that these expats also tend to be healthier, with a more positive predisposition in life. Those who bring their families to live tend to have more complicated gauges on what is a happy home. for the Expat, having a home abroad in a good neighborhood is good enough while the partners might be more focused on privacy, decoration and overall look of the space. It also shows that open plan homes tend to be a better option for expats and their families.

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