Skill Shortages Causing Job Boom in Australia and New Zealand

For people struggling to find work in the United Kingdom or simply seeking a change in lifestyle, you’re in luck. Though it can seem daunting to move all the way across the world to Australia or New Zealand, a widespread skills shortage has caused thousands of job opportunities across various industries in these two nations. Could it be time for you to consider relocating abroad to Australia or New Zealand?

Which Skills Are Needed?

Due to the mining boom in both countries and the rebuild after earthquakes in New Zealand, the primary industries lacking in skilled workers are construction, engineering, mining and health, according to Innes Willox, chief executive of The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group).

Who Are They Looking For?

Mr Willox said that though it was preferred to keep jobs for Australian workers, ultimately help from overseas was needed.

“While up-skilling our current workforce remains a priority, a larger skilled migration programme will be necessary to manage the current situation and to assist in smoothing the path to future growth.”

The Ai group also said that currently, the Australian federal government allowed a migrant intake of 190,000 – but the lobby group was campaigning to have this increased to 220,000 for the following year to allow for more skilled workers to relocate to Australia. This follows a survey conducted by the Ai group in the construction sector that revealed that 68 per cent of respondents found difficulty in hiring skilled labourers in the last six months.

Additionally, The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency has predicted that by 2025, Australia will need 2.8 million workers with higher skills – and there are not enough Australians to match these numbers. Therefore, encouraging workers from overseas to relocate to Australia is the only solution.

Vice chairman of the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment June Ranson said that New Zealand is also experiencing similar shortages, with the need to rebuild their major cities Auckland and Christchurch.

“It is not only the 100,00 homes that need rebuilding in Christchurch, but there’s also an immediate need for 30,000 in Auckland as there hasn’t been sufficient houses built there since 2008. The demand is fuelled by population growth as a number of New Zealanders have moved back home following the financial crisis. Every skill associated with construction is on the shortages list.”

Ready For a Change?

Dani Malone of The Migration Institute of Australia says it is an exciting time to move to Australia. “Of the 190,000 places allocated, the vast majority, 128,550, are reserved for skilled migrants and there are a further 60,885 places for family migrants who are sponsored by family members already in Australia.”

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start a new life in Australia or New Zealand, start talking to immigration advisors now about your eligibility to move and visit job hunter sites such as to see what opportunities are currently available.