New Plans by Sydney to Attract Skilled Workers

Earlier this month Sydney released a report which outlined new plans designed to attract high value migrants to the city. The report included proposals which would make life easier for migrants who make large investments in the state. Obtaining visas and gaining permanent residency were a couple of incentives on offer. In addition, the work rights of post-study students are looking to be extended.

New South Wales, Australia’s largest state wants its annual intake of skilled migrant workers to reach 7200. Currently there are only around 2000 skilled workers arriving in the area each year. This is proportionally low considering New South Wales is made up of 7.2 million people, about one third of the whole population of Australia.

The state has historically had a low intake of skilled workers from abroad, losing out to the Southern state of Victoria and the city of Melbourne.

With just 7.5 percent of all migrates arriving in Australia choosing to head for New South Wales, officials have decided its time to turn this around. The minister for trade and investment for New South Wales, said: “We want the best and brightest from around the world to help fill skills shortages and turn our economy around”.

However, some locals fear that encouraging fast growth in the area may be in fact be detrimental to the economy. Australians don’t want Sydney to end up like Tokyo, and say 4.5 million people is just about the right number at the moment. Any more and the city’s infrastructure may be put under pressure.

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