Syrian Community of Sydney Say No to Continued Conflict

It is a sad and sombre time for many Syrian people right now, and this was recently demonstrated in Australia as the Syrian community of Sydney paid tribute to the lives that have been lost in the conflict in their war-torn homeland. Syrian expats gathered together in the Australian city to hold a vigil for those who have died due to the militancy against the Syrian government, which is backed by foreign support.

Peaceful Protests

The vigil gave the Syrian expats a place to voice their statement that they do not agree with the foreign support the anti-government militants are receiving in Syria. Standing united, the expats made their statement while recognising their dead with a candle light tribute.

Touchingly, many mourners also came holding photographs of the children who were tragically killed in a bomb explosion recently, when an elementary school was targeted in Akrama Homs city by some of the resistance members who have received foreign backing. Dozens of children were killed in the atrocity.

The Australian Syrian Association is responsible for organising this and many other peaceful protests and vigils around New South Wales, as well as charity fundraisers to support their mission. The organisation feels that it is the least they can do to show their support for the Syrian people, and call more attention to their daily struggle and longing for peace, freedom and democracy.

Countries Accused of Hypocrisy

The Syrian ambassador to the UN has also spoken out regarding the terrible situation, accusing several countries who are part of the UN as being hypocritical – providing their backing to terrorist organisations monetarily while simultaneously speaking out against the situation. For example, the USA continue to lead airstrikes against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists, yet they have also just given 500 million dollars to aid training for militants and allow them to purchase more arms to continue the fight against the Syrian government. And this dichotomy what the expat gathering in Sydney aimed to highlight and reiterate to a world who continue to watch the conflict unfold; it was made clear that resolution is what the Syrian expats hope to see happen as soon as possible.

The tribute called for peace and an end to the war that has claimed the lives of so many, and will continue to do so until the trouble is brought to an end.