Canadian Government Decide to Eliminate Immigration Backlog

The Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) organisation has announced proposals in their 2012 economic action plan to overhaul the dated Federal Skilled Worker immigration process, in existence in the country today.

Part of the improvement proposal includes refunding application fees and returning applications to all those which may have applied for visas and seen little progress over the years. They have effectively decided to clean the slate and start again.

The inefficiency in processing the backlog is causing a major problem for Canada. Having to process applications that are as many as eight years out of date reduces their ability to focus on new applicants, who possess the skills and talents that their economy needs.

The Canadian Government will be improving the process to create a just-intime system. People with the right skills to plug Canada’s labour gaps will have their immigration applications fast tracked. The hope is to get new skilled workers starting jobs in just a few months, as opposed to the several years it currently takes.

Over the last ten years the number of Federal Skilled Worker applications has increased dramatically. This is said to explain why the government is currently in this difficult situation.

More and more people are being attracted to the high standard of working conditions Canada offers. Salaries often exceed those of other countries, and private health care is usually included in an employment package.

There are also benefits for families. Your husband or wife may work while you have a valid work permit, and your children may study for free in primary and secondary schools. Furthermore, the country is multi cultural and respects all different races and religions.

When considering all these perks, it’s not surprising the country is so popular amongst immigrants.

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