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Launched on 5th August 2011, the Come to Canada Wizard has had over 1 million hits in just 9 months. The online software was developed by the Citizenship and Immigration Organisation of Canada, and is designed to help people determine if they are eligible to work, live or study in the country.

The wizard attempts to be as simple and straight forward as possible. The user is asked a series of detailed questions about their circumstances and the software decides which immigration option is best suited to their individual needs. Relevant forms are then available to download direct from the website.

The online service was originally setup to help weed out time wasters in the application process, as it allows potential immigrants to assess their eligibility before officially applying.

It helps both the applicant and Canadian government. People moving to Canada save time and money whilst the department becomes more efficient by having to deal with fewer applications.

Over 4000 users log on to the website every single day, and the service seems to be a huge success. 90 percent of visitors would recommend the tool to a friend.

With so many benefits in moving to Canada, it’s easy to see why the software has proved so popular, particularly with British citizens. Canada obviously has no language barrier for English expats. In addition, the country offers relatively high salaries and excellent benefit packages such as private health care and free education. This, together with an excellent standard of living, makes the country a great place to move to.

The wizard is by no means a unique idea by Canada. Many governments around the world have built similar online systems as part of their immigration services. For example, the Australian online wizard was first developed back in 2009, and the United States also have a detailed online immigration tool which dates back even earlier.

If you are planning on emigrating from the UK, wherever your destination, It’s a good idea to use an online tool to check your eligibility. It can be a reliable source of information, which is completely free. You’ll save both time and money.

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