Brits Come to Cyprus!

Cyprus has to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea, if not the entire world and this is why every year it pays hosts to millions of tourists and quite a few of them decide to lay down their roots and make the move to Cyprus.

The History Bit

Once a British Colony, Cyprus has a very interesting past with more than its fair share of drama. The island itself is pretty much split down the middle with Turkey on one side and Greece on the other. These two countries would never claim to be the best of friends but recent times have seen less animosity and more understanding. Cyprus was invaded by the Turkish army back in 1974 and thereafter the Northern sector was occupied right up to present day. Known as the ‘Green Line’ the two communities have lived alongside each other in relative peace and harmony.

Cyprus Facts and Figures

Cyprus has a population of 560,012, according to a 2010 census, and the island has a variety of ethnic groups, the main two being Greek and Turkish. There are thought to be many other nationalities residing in Cyprus with many of these hailing from the UK. The weather in Cyprus is one of the main draws and if you visit during the summer you will experience temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius and in the winter it averages in the late teens to early twenties! Brits will love the fact that unlike most of Europe, Cypriots prefer to drive on the left hand side of the road!

A Beautiful Destination

If you could encapsulate everything that is appealing about the Mediterranean culture, Cyprus would probably be the place that comes first in that particular race. With some excellent dining to be had and possibly the best beaches around, this fantastic location is one in a million. You can get here in less than 5 hours but may as well be in a different world.

Tempted Yet?

Cyprus offers great value for money and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a great choice for those last minute breaks that we all need from time to time. Add to the mix the wonderful scenery and welcoming locals, it is little wonder that most first time visitors always come back for more of this stunning island!