Accidental Ambassadorial Role for Brits in New Zealand

If you are thinking about migrating to New Zealand for a better lifestyle, make sure your entire family have a firm grounding of the English Language.

Studies have revealed that those expats who speak English as their first language are more able to adapt to working conditions in New Zealand, and assimilate themselves into society with greater ease.

More than 200,000 British expats have moved to New Zealand, drawn by the dream of a better standard of life for themselves and their families. Moving and living abroad is proving a lucrative investment for many who are able to adapt and the English language is an essential tool, one that is used internationally for business and leisure.

A report from the Department of Labour studied 5,000 expats aged 16 or over and found that those who spoke English as a first language were paid considerably more than those who did not. Speaking English allowed new migrants to settle into New Zealand society and allowed them to make a positive contribution to the economy from arrival.

The research included the roles of age, sex and qualifications, as well as family make up and proficiency in the English language. Although previous work experience in New Zealand was deemed important to employers, it was by no means essential as 90% of the primary migrants entered the job market fairly quickly.

With 200,000 expats from the UK now living in New Zealand, there are ample opportunities for Brits to play an influential role within their new communities and become involved in shaping the development of their new world. Retrospectively, this ensures that people from the UK have an ambassadorial role while abroad, ensuring positive publicity for the United Kingdom on a global scale.

The head of NatWest International Personal Banking, Dave Isley, said, “Either by design or accident, British expats are our ambassadors abroad and are playing a pivotal role in promoting values and best practices.”

“Their contribution to local economies and communities – either financially or socially – cannot be overestimated.”

This news from one of the largest financial institutions in the world leaves us in no doubt whatsoever about the position of expats abroad or how well they are doing financially and socially. The activities of British expats overseas are the very thing that will oil the wheels to allow further migration in years to come and disprove much of the bad publicity caused by football hooliganism or anti-social behaviour.

Many new migrants meet up with fellow expats to help them acclimatise to life in a new country, and doing so is really essential as you can learn about different areas before you make a hard and fast decision about where to plant your roots and build your nest. When you are moving to the far end of the world, you need someone to rely on and if you can find an expat to befriend, it makes the road ahead a little clearer.

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