New Zealand Government Incentives to work outside of Auckland

New Zealand is rapidly becoming a victim of its own popularity. The local Expat Forum recently recorded that the government is introducing plans to encourage immigrants to settle in other parts of the country other than just simply stay in Auckland.

Why Move from Auckland

According to a New Zealand statistics website 4,500 extra immigrants chose to move to New Zealand in 2014 but the population density still remains low, only 16 inhabitants per square kilometre compared with the UK’s 252. There is a skills shortage throughout New Zealand. Christchurch on the South Island is in desperate need of workers as a result of the rebuilding programme following the devastating earthquake. Other areas across the whole country are crying out for skilled workers. If you’re looking to relocate to a scenically beautiful part of New Zealand, with only a few people for neighbours, then this might be an opportunity for you.

Active Encouragement

In a bid to satisfy demand with supply, the government is offering migrants incentives to settle away from Auckland. Anyone who applies for a residence visa to pursue a job offer away from Auckland will have extra 20 points added to their application. If you’re a businessman trying to set up a new concern in the regions, then you’ll be eligible for an Entrepreneur work visa, and you’ll also gain an additional 20 points on your application.

The News is Good for South Island visa Applicants

Long term migrants who live and work on the South Island, but have unsuccessfully applied for a residence permit will find that their future applications will be looked at more favourably. Anyone who currently works on the South Island without residency has to apply annually for a work visa. The government also plans to introduce a ‘pathway to residence’ visa for those who currently hold temporary work permits.

Take Advantage of the Skills Shortage

As a result of the previous trend for thousands of New Zealanders to leave home for work overseas, the country faces a skills shortage. The New Zealand government plans to actively recruit those with experience in the IT industry and other areas to come and set up shop in New Zealand. Look out for the new Global Impact Visa that’ll be targeted towards entrepreneurs and investors. The future is looking good for anyone planning on moving to New Zealand.