Moving to New Zealand Can Benefit Your Health

Last month, the West End actor Michael Crawford talked about how moving to New Zealand helped him deal with his chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Phantom of the Opera star made the decision to move thousands of miles across the globe after he was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). He recently told the Daily Mail that the decision had worked wonders on his health.

Michael, 70, said “I decided to relocate from Britain to get healthy and smell the roses.”

“If you want solitude you can find it here and people are very respectful of that.”

Research has shown that avoiding stress and putting yourself in a relaxing environment can indeed benefit your overall well being. In some cases, it can decrease your chances of developing certain health conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Furthermore, the benefits of relaxation, which are naturally opposite to the adrenaline rush, include a restful heart rate, low blood pressure and reduced breathing speed.

In effect, any disease or condition which is made worse by stress can be helped by relaxing. This list extends to hundreds of conditions including both physical and psychological problems.

New Zealand is the perfect place to relax and be stress free. Being a similar size to Great Britain, with only one tenth the population, the country benefits from isolation. There are many rural areas, filled with beautiful landscapes including forests, mountains and rivers. The way of life is a lot more relaxed than the urban life in the UK. The locals tend to work and go about their daily lives at a much slower pace than their European ancestors.

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