New Zealand is the Second Favorite Place for UK Expatriates

According to the latest annual index by Natwest, UK expatriates consider New Zealand the second best place to work and live. Natwest also reported that even following economic turmoil, a whopping two thirds of the UK expat respondents said that their quality of life abroad had not been affected. In fact, only a very small proportion of the respondents felt it was time to go back home to the UK. A great number of expats in New Zealand are therefore having a more promising career and experiencing higher living conditions, compared to their home nation.

There are several factors that make New Zealand a major draw to UK expats. First would be the natural beauty of the country. With rolling hills, valleys, mountains, picturesque surroundings and water bodies, life in New Zealand is like an everyday adventure and vacation. Another factor would be multiculturalism. It seems like it is not only UK expats are feeling the beauty of NZ. A lot of people from Asia, and the US also embrace the unique appeal of the country. The healthcare and security services in New Zealand are also a lot more promising and beneficial for most expats compared to the ones they get in the UK.

The report presented by Natwest reveals that most UK expats are very happy with their decision to move to another country. Their living conditions, according to them are more comfortable. More than 50% of the respondents agree that they have not changed their spending in New Zealand even if there is a global economic problem happening. Thus, this proves that living conditions and lifestyles in New Zealand are more laidback and enjoyable for a great number of expats.

The migration of UK citizens to countries like NZ, Canada and Australia is very interesting. According to Davey Isley, the head of Natwest’s International Personal Banking division, the report shows that expats are sailing through the worst economic conditions ever, since the Second World War. Even with that fact, expats still feel better living conditions abroad. The report presented by Natwest is an accurate representation of the experiences and perceptions of expats based on their personal assessments. This shows that no matter how terrible the financial conditions are, UK expats are still very much strong willed to embrace a radical change in environment.

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