New Zealand Ranked Most Family Friendly Nation for Expats

Are you a parent worried about the quality of life your children are enjoying? If so, moving to New Zealand could be the best thing for your family, a newly-released study shows.

The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey is an annual survey that examines the virtues of relocating to different countries. This year’s offering has just been released, and New Zealand has topped the leaderboard in the Raising Children Abroad section of the acclaimed report. The study also showed New Zealand to be the most popular country for expats to flock to in order to improve quality of life; the beautiful nation was also number one in the Expat Experience category of the survey.

New Zealand Good for the Health of Children

New Zealand received the family-friendly accolade largely because expat parents believed the environment was good for children’s health and well being, with an astonishing 87 percent of expats who are parents reporting they felt improved child safety since moving there.

It was also recognised for its positive focus on children’s education, healthcare and happiness, and the survey revealed that 60% of parents felt that their children were living more well-rounded lives as a result of their families relocating to the charming country.

On top of this, New Zealand was found to be among the healthiest nations in the world for expats, being the single most popular destination for expats who are healthcare professionals, and the second most likely nation to lead to expats increasing their sporting activity levels. Expats also found they were more likely to eat healthier foods and make better diet choices since relocating to NZ.

Improvement in Quality of Life

Expat parents also noted that nice weather, beautiful scenery and a landscape that begs to be explored as among the top reasons they felt that living in New Zealand had brought improved quality of life, with many citing they felt an improved quality of clean air and water in NZ. In this part of the report, the statistics showed that 73% of parents felt that New Zealand provided an improved environment than the countries they moved from.

Added on to an excellent quality of life, New Zealand also ranked highly among expats for having a lifestyle and culture that people felt was easy to adjust to, and over three quarters of expats surveyed believed that the locals were particularly welcoming and friendly, which had added greatly to their positive experience.

So, if you are looking to raise a family in a healthy and welcoming place, New Zealand may be an excellent option to consider.