Things to do in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington has a thriving arts culture, wonderful beaches and is set in some of the most fantastic scenery the North Island has to offer. The city’s own website boasts that Wellington is known as ‘the coolest little capital in the world.’

Make Wellington your Home

According to Shelter Off Shore, a website that deals with queries that anyone thinking of shipping to New Zealand might raise, ‘Wellington has a relatively strong economy.’ The city’s vibrancy is reflected in its profusion of cafes, bars, theatres, art galleries, and museums. After all, film director Peter Jackson, famous for The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings trilogies, grew up here, and returned to the country to make his most famous films.

Discover More about New Zealand

Anyone wishing to find out more about New Zealand as a whole should visit the Te Papa museum. Situated on Cable Street, the museum tells the stories of the Maori and hosts many treasures relating to these indigenous peoples. Most of the museum’s exhibitions are free, and Te Papa regularly comes top of the list of Australasia’s most visited attractions. Discover more about New Zealand’s art and natural history with a visit to this superb museum.

The Great Outdoors

As Wellington is situated on the coast, visitors of all ages should visit the harbour-situated Museum of Wellington City and Sea on Queen’s Wharf. This museum is also free, and visitors will love the Wahine shipwreck exhibition. Shipping to New Zealand was a lot more perilous in the past, as the shipwreck demonstrates.

Those who enjoy combining their love of nature with a taste for literature should take a stroll along Wellington’s restored waterfront. You’ll be able to walk along Queen’s Wharf to Sea Walk Bridge, and look out for quotes from New Zealand’s writers decorating large stone structures along the way.

Café Life is Celebrated in Wellington

Wellington caters for all tastes and ages. It is believed that the city has more eateries per capita than cosmopolitan New York. New Zealand is home to many world famous wineries, and it would be a crime not to sample some examples of the country’s viniculture. Courtenay Place in the centre of the city is home to theatres and many of Wellington’s favourite bars. Try the Tasting Room on Courtenay Place. If your tastes have a more Bohemian flavour then Cuba Street is the place for you.

Wellington is a place for people of all tastes, ages and cultures; it is a fantastic, vibrant and exciting capital city.