Living in South Africa – Expat Survey

For expatriates moving to Africa to start a new life, a survey has revealed that Kenya, Uganda and South Africa are the best countries on the African continent to relocate to. The results of this survey come from Expat Insider 2014, after a poll conducted by InterNations surveyed almost 14,000 expats in 160 different countries all over the globe about their experiences abroad. Of these 160 countries, 61 produced enough data to be ranked in terms of their overall experience for outsiders settling there.

Of the African countries ranked, Egypt and Nigeria completed the top 5 on the continent for expat experience, with Senegal and Ghana also producing very positive results all round.

Ranking Lives Abroad

The survey produced its results by asking expats to rank their lives abroad in a number of different categories, including their overall quality of life and that of their families’ lives, their new work, leisure time and activities, ease of making friends, international romantic relationships and personal finances.

Out of the response categories, the scores were weighted and averaged to produce an overall rank that was representative of many aspects of a well-rounded expat life.

Quality Of Life

Of all the countries in Africa ranked, South Africa came first in the individual category of quality of life, which took into account expats’ responses in the poll on travel and leisure resources and options.

Kenya, however, topped the board in the individual category of personal finance, with expats there appearing to be the most satisfied with both work experience and personal finances since relocating there. Salaries were shown to be highest in Nigeria, yet job security ranked highest on the African continent in Senegal, while it was lowest in Uganda.

Making Friends

Uganda found its biggest strength in people reporting to find it the easiest country to settle in saying it was easy to make friends and commenting on the overall friendliness of the locals there. This part of the survey was a big boost to Uganda’s overall ranking. Expats in Egypt also commented positively on the warmth of the locals towards them, while the expats in South Africa were much less positive about their experiences with meeting the locals.

Of the 61 countries worldwide in which enough data was gathered for to be ranked, Kenya was ranked 37th overall, South Africa was in 44th place, Uganda 51st place and Egypt 52nd. Nigeria came in at 56, while Ghana was 57th.