Madonsela Calls on South African Expats in Europe to Return Home

The South African Public Protector Thuli Madonsela recently issued a heartfelt plea calling on South African expats who had moved to Europe and other areas of the world to consider coming back home and shipping to South Africa again.

The reason for this sweeping statement was the Public Protector’s strong belief that expats who return to South Africa will be able to contribute to a total transformation of the country. Madonsela spoke of her desire for a society to be created in South Africa that was entirely inclusive, paying special attention to human rights and social justice for all. She said in her address that she believed South Africa belongs to all of the people who live there, both black and white, and that every time an expat came back to help in the project of transforming the nation, they were contributing to improving their countrymen’s lives and freeing their potential to go on to greater things.

Homecoming Revolution

Madonsela explained her vision while speaking at the “Homecoming Revolution �” Speed Meet Africa” event that was held in London back in March. The conference took place over two days, and was aimed at all native Africans now living outside of the African continent. The idea of the event was to encourage these expats to return home, bring with them the valuable knowledge, skills and education they had gained abroad, and use these tools to contribute to the continued development of their home countries.

Global Citizens

Madonsela talked about how the expats of the South African nation were now “global citizens” who would still have opportunities to be significant to the rest of the world, even if they did go back home to settle in the land of their heritage. She also talked about how there were many skilled jobs back at home, just waiting to welcome back these expats to fill them.

The Public Protector also put a positive spin on the social unrest and problems South Africa has struggled with in recent years. She spoke of these issue as opportunities for expat South Africans to come home, and use their combination of new international perspectives, as well as their understanding of the problems in South Africa to help overcome these social problems.

Madonsela concluded her speech by saying that the situation in South Africa is getting better and better, and that corruption is now being rejected in South Africa by those in power.