Ecuador Ranked Top Among USA Expats

If you’re an American and moving abroad has always been your dream, it may be worth your while considering moving to Ecuador. At least, that’s what one of the world’s largest expat surveys suggests.

The survey is administered by InterNations and the data shown in the 2014 Expat Insider, which includes survey responses from almost 14,000 expats who live in upwards of 160 countries. The idea was to get a good look at the world through the eyes of expats, and give those considering moving abroad a good way to explore all of their options and concerns.

Expats Overall Satisfaction Rated

The survey asked expats questions about their quality of life in their new homes, touching on the ease of obtaining work, life for the family abroad, friendliness of the locals, and personal finances and general quality of life. And Ecuador topped the list of overall satisfaction from the expats, with 90% of those who moved there reporting that they were satisfied with their lives.

The expats in Ecuador were most likely to be satisfied with their personal finances since moving, and Ecuador was also ranked first place for personal happiness of expats. Nearly 50% of expats living there reported being extremely happy with their overall lives, and a similar number also said they could see themselves staying in Ecuador permanently because they liked it so much.

Luxembourg Also Excellent for Expats

Second place overall went to Luxembourg – a far cry from Ecuador both geographically and culturally. The high ranking of Luxembourg was highly due to it’s excellent score in the working abroad category of the survey. Around 64% of expats state employment as their top reason to move abroad in the first place, and in Luxembourg 40% of expats reported that they found a job there on their own without any local help, which was the highest of any country surveyed. However, many expats there stated that they did not feel they would like to settle in Luxembourg permanently, which lessened the small European nation’s overall score.

And in third place came Mexico, with a huge amount of expats reporting that they felt very happy with their lives since moving there – roughly the same as in Ecuador. People reported that settling in Mexico was very easy, and many expressed the want to stay there permanently. Job security, however, was a problem in Mexico among the expats surveyed. The country only ranked 32nd overall in this category, which definitely dampened its scores.