Making Plans for Nigel: Send him to America!

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Nigel Farage MEP is a regular fixture in British life, since UKIP’s rise as a political party in the 2015 general election and Brexit.

He’s had a good year so far, by being one of the leading figures who successfully campaigned for Brexit, as well as helping a certain Mr Donald J Trump with his successful presidential campaign, becoming great pals in the process.

The Donald mentioned in a tweet that Nige should be made the UK’s ambassador to the USA due to their friendship. The High Court also ruled about Article 50, meaning the UK will remain in the EU for now, this got us thinking, why not make life a lot easier for him by sending him to the White House to be with his new bestie to bask in EU-free euphoria?

The Whitehouse
The Whitehouse. Source: (Creative Commons ).

Our Plans for Nigel

Here at 1st Move International, we’re in the business of helping people ship their belongings when they emigrate to a new country with our excellent international removals services. But in the case of Mr Farage, we’re willing to move him, and everything he owns, from the UK straight to the White House. Better still, we will do this absolutely free of charge – at no expense to the tax payer!

Nigel’s current humble abode is a country semi-detached in Kent, worth around £540,000. He also earns £79,000 a year, with additional office allowances of up to £42,600 through his role of MEP of South East England.

It would cost him £3,600 plus insurance for our full pack service to ship out his belongings from his house in Kent in a 20-foot container. We’d then get this on the weekly service via Baltimore, which should get his belongings to the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC in 18 days. We could get him there for Christmas, but we’re not sure he’d want to stay with Barack Obama we’ll wait till 20th January next year when Donald takes up his residence.

Seeing that he may struggle with his short pockets we’re offering to cover this cost for him, although we’ll need confirmation from The Donald that Nige has the appropriate visa and suitable accommodation has been arranged for him at the White House- after all, we wouldn’t want him to be there illegally.