Who has the longest commute in England?

Commuting is an unfortunate necessity for most of us in the working world, and while this daily journey can range from a gentle cycle down the road to an outrageously long bus, train or car ride, there are definitive signs that this journey can have a positive or detrimental impact on your overall life happiness and job satisfaction.

Well, here at 1st Move intentional we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look into this and see if there were any correlations between commute times and its effect on your happiness, pay or average house prices within the area.

We first explored the UK by taking regional governmental data for each area, which raised some questions, for instance- The South West region does indeed have the lowest average commute in the country, with only 24 minutes per journey and scores one of the highest happiness ratings of 7.42. Compared to London with a 42-minute commute and a much lower happiness of 7.31.

After looking into England specifics we also took a view of this on a global scale to see if a similar correlation appeared across a range of countries. So take a look at the full set of data below and let us know what your favourite past time is for your morning/evening slug.

Commute Infographic