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Are you moving from Slough to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere? 1st Move International offer COVID-safe overseas removals with the highest standard of protection available for your personal belongings during transit.

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COVID-Safe Removals

We pride ourselves in our packing, and for good reason. Rather than shipping items lose like most movers, we'll carefully pack and wrap your household goods onto shipping pallets, ensuring that we make the best use of space to minimise the total volume.

We then wrap the entire pallet with clear stretch-wrap film to secure all items tightly together and reduce movement during transit. Extra layers of cardboard sheet and export standard bubble wrap are then added to further increase the protection for your move.

Packed household goods for international removals from Slough

Lastly, we encase the whole shipment in our recognisable black shrink-wrap film which is heat treated for a tight fit. This provides an exceptionally secure seal from the outside world, helping to guarantee that your personal belongings are protected and untouched upon arrival at your door.

Not only is this one of the safest ways of shipping household goods overseas, it also provides the perfect protection against the Coronavirus as it prevents handling of individual items and ensures that your goods arrive untouched since leaving the UK. The ideal COVID-Safe method of moving abroad. No other removals company does this!

See our safer packing page for a more detailed breakdown of our packing procedures.

Guaranteed Weekly Shipping

Thanks to our packing, we're able to ship alongside commercial goods so we never have to wait around for a container to be full (as is the case with some removals companies). This means we can guarantee weekly shipping from the UK to over 144 countries worldwide.

Once shipped you can track your container here.

Memberships and Accreditations

We are trusted members of BIFA (the British International Freight Association) and BAR (the British Association of Removers) and we have been safely moving household goods overseas for over 20 years.

Marine Insurance

We offer comprehensive shipping insurance for your move, provided by insurance giants Royal Sun Alliance. Due to our packing methods, we enjoy the lowest claims record of any moving company in the UK. Reduced handling means less risk and our shrink-wrap palletised packing means greater overall protection for your belongings.

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