Expat Guide to Education in Canada

Canada offers a world-class education system. It is one of the many elements that add up to the high quality of life you can expect in the Great White North. If you’re looking to move...
Canadian money

Cost of living in Canada vs the UK

The world’s second largest country is home to awesome scenery, wonderful wildlife and charming cities. It is a place of universal healthcare, a high standard of living and welcoming locals. No wonder so many...
USA and Canada Flags - USA vs Canada

USA or Canada? Expat Comparison

They are the great North American rivals, friendly neighbours who tease each other over everything from hockey to foreign policy. But is one superior to the other? Should you emigrate to Canada or the...
School Children

Education in Australia – UK Comparison

If you are relocating to Australia, you will want to make sure the whole family settles in well. Part of that is knowing the education options available for your children, how it works and...
Transporting pets

The Expat Guide to Transporting Pets to Australia

When you decide to move the family Down Under, of course that involves the pets as well. After all, we all deserve a lifetime of shine, Neighbours and Home & Away, right?
Comparing Australia VS New Zealand

How Does Australia Compare to New Zealand?

They may be at the other end of the world, but Australia and New Zealand are probably the closest to the UK in terms of culture. And it seems distance is no...
healthcare medical

Healthcare in Australia for Expats

One thing most Britons agree on is their gratitude to the NHS for providing free healthcare at the point of delivery. So, when we look to move abroad, healthcare provisions...
London streets, South African scenery

How Does South Africa Compare to the UK? (Updated 2018)

It is certainly a question that many people moving to South Africa ask themselves. After all, the country formed part of the British Empire from 1910 to 1961 and even sent soldiers...
Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

Australia vs the UK Many expats choose to move to Australia because it offers great quality of life, but of course all that is dependent on how much money...
New Zealand Flag

Cost of Living in New Zealand

New Zealand, like any other country, has its expensive areas and its cheap areas. Yet overall migrants from the UK will find that NZ compares favourably to Britain. The...

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