Singapore Skyline And View Of Marina Bay At Night - Moving Guide Singapore

Moving to Singapore in 2022

An island nation that is ultra-modern and steeped in tradition, Singapore is a fascinating place to live. It is a melting pot of cultures from ethnic Chinese to Malays and ethnic Indians...
Auckland, New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand – The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2022)

What comes to mind when you think of New Zealand? The sweeping landscapes with gangs of armoured Orcs running amok? The world's best Rugby Union team challenging their opponents with the Haka?...
Auckland, New Zealand

Pros and Cons of Living in New Zealand

There are many reasons for deciding to become an expat. You might be looking for education opportunities, a new job or even a place to retire. However, before you choose a new...
UAE Dirhams - How to open a bank account in Dubai from overseas

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai (From Overseas)

If you’re ready to start your long-term trip or life in the UAE, you’ll be full of questions, doubts and excitement. One thing you don’t want to leave to chance is setting...
Living in Dubai - Burj Khalifa

Pros and Cons of Moving to Dubai from the UK (2022)

Dubai is an attractive location for British expats. Hundreds of British residents relocate to Dubai every year looking for better job prospects, and an estimated 240,000 British expats already live there.
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Cost of Living in Dubai - Dubai Apartments / Accomodation

Cost of Living in Dubai in 2022

Think endless sunshine, glitzy skyscrapers and man-made islands, amazing job opportunities, great local travel and a surprisingly rich local culture and you have Dubai, perhaps one of the most popular expat destinations...
Moving from London to New York

Moving From London to New York – Should You Do It?

Are you thinking of swapping the Big Smoke for the Big Apple? Looking to change your view of the Thames to a view of the Hudson? Moving from Swinging London to the...
Moving to Australia - Driving Guide

A Guide to Driving in Australia – Moving to Australia

Australia is a very vast and diverse country. To explore it properly you will need to have your own set of wheels, which means that you need to have the correct licence...
Maori Tattoos - Moving to New Zealand - A Guide to Maori Culture

An Expats Guide to Māori Culture – Moving to New Zealand from the UK

If you are moving to New Zealand, then you will need to learn about the Māori culture. We touched on the subject in our recent blog on moving to New Zealand but Māori...
Moving to Florida - Arial Photo of Miami beach

Moving to Florida, USA from the UK

Located in the South East of the USA, Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and it certainly lives up to this nickname. It’s a popular area for UK expats, so if...