A large container shipping vessel on the ocean carrying goods for international removals

Faster Shipping

We ship out from the UK every week, guaranteed! Unlike other movers, we never have to wait for a container to be full before we can ship out your belongings.

Let 1st Move allow you to tap into commercial routings and benefit from the flexibility to choose a sailing time to suit you, not your mover!

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How Does it Work?

How can 1st Move International guarantee weekly shipping services?

We offer guaranteed weekly sailings to all destinations, so we can treat your move as just that... your move. Thanks to our unique packing system, the time it takes your belongings to arrive is not dependent on when other people are moving.

Typical overseas removals companies provide shared ‘Groupage’ container services that rely on a large 40’ shipping container being filled with your and many other peoples’ belongings before it can be shipped.

The time it takes for that whole container to be filled, and for all those people sharing that container to arrive at the destination, could see you waiting for as long as two or three months (if not more) before your belongings even start their overseas journey…

We think things could be done better… much better.

How is 1st Move International different from other international removals companies?

When UK consumer goods manufacturers want to export their products from the UK, they simply cannot wait around to fill their own containers. Their hard-won export orders must be shipped as soon as possible and using the safest shipping routes to ensure that their products arrive intact and on time.

That is why all major UK exporters use consolidators to ship their goods overseas. These consolidators combine the huge amounts of UK export orders on a weekly basis, loading them together into shared containers. These consolidators can offer much faster shipping times for companies looking to export their goods.

So, how do we do it?

1st Move International understands that sharing containers with exporting companies and tapping into these commercial routes provides our customers with the fastest, and safest way, to ship household goods and personal effects overseas.

To ensure compliance with these carriers, all shipments must be packed to export standards with the capability of loading and unloading with a forklift to ensure minimum of handling and delays.

Our unique packing method effectively complies with these requirements. Not only does this allow us to provide faster, weekly shipping, but it also provides our customers with a safer and more efficient service, reducing overall handling of individual items, offering better protection for your goods and drastically lowering insurance claims.

After Before

Once collected, your belongings will be packed, wrapped, protected, and sealed onto pallets, creating your own bespoke, secure shipping units with our unique Shrinkfast packing system. This means that your belongings are never loaded as loose individual items.

This palletising service effectively complies with the requirements set by commercial consolidators and provides you with the safest and quickest way for to ship your personal belongings, household goods and furniture overseas.

Did you know: Over the next 2 weeks the world’s major shipping lines have over 15 vessels sailing from London Gateway port to New York alone, and over 20 vessels sailing to Melbourne! Information provided and verified by: https://www.linescape.com/

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Transit Times

How Long Does it Take to Ship My Belongings Overseas with 1st Move International?

All moving companies will advise you of vessel transit times when shipping your goods.

What they won't tell you is the name of the ship you are booked on and when that ship will leave the UK. Because they simply do not know.

Most traditional movers need to wait between 8 and 12 weeks before they can fill a container, so you need to know when their next available sailing will be. Not just the transit time.

At 1st Move we can tell you the name of your vessel, and its UK departure date, as soon as you have booked your move with us. You can also check our published weekly sailing schedules and choose a sailing time to suit your requirements.

Choose a sailing date to suit you, not your mover!

A large container shipping vessel on the ocean carrying goods for international removals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Faster Shipping

We utilise a unique packing and palletisation process for all shipments. This allows us to ship alongside commercial goods using regular, weekly consolidated container shipping services. This also provides better protection for your belongings in transit.

Typical groupage removals services entail loading personal belongings loose inside of shipping containers. This means that your traditional removals company will have to wait for enough customers to book and fill their own containers before they can release them, potentially causing customers long delays between when their belongings are packed and when they are actually shipped.

Our method allows us to immediately book your shipment on the next available weekly consolidated container leaving the UK.

Once packed, your shipment will be scheduled on the next available weekly sailing. This could potentially save you 2-3 months of waiting time when compared with traditional international removals services.

Yes. Once your belongings have been professionally packed and consolidated onto your pallets, your shipment can be handled as one combined unit. Palletisation allows for easy handling of this unit via forklift and, when compared to the typical method of shipping items loose, this drastically reduces handling of any individual items which in turn reduces the chances of accidents and mix-ups. Your belongings will arrive at your door, protected and untouched from the moment they leave our packing facilities.

No! One of the amazing benefits of this packing method is the ability to ship your goods alongside commercial shipments in consolidated container shipping services. Your shipment will go out on the next available weekly shipment, irrespective of our other customers moving plans.

Yes. Our faster shipping provides our customers the flexibility to choose a departure time that suits them. Not only that, but when combined with our improved packing procedures, your belongings are given the absolute best protection during your international move. You can learn all about exactly how we pack your shipment on our safer packing page here.

A consolidator is an export freight services company which Groups Smaller Shipments on behalf of UK exporters and freight forwarders. Consolidators specialise in combining less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments from multiple exporters into a single full container load (FCL). This is ideal for companies that don't have enough cargo to fill an entire container on their own. This system allows manufacturing companies and exporters to get their goods shipped on regular shipping container services rather than wait to fill up their own container.

Economies of Scale: By combining shipments, consolidators leverage economies of scale. They negotiate bulk rates with shipping lines, which brings down the cost per unit for each exporter compared to booking their own LCL shipment. The average UK consolidator ships over 140 shipping containers each and every week.

Pre-Planned Consolidation: Consolidators typically have fixed schedules for consolidating cargo headed for specific destinations. This allows exporters to plan their shipments around these weekly schedules and potentially expedite their cargo's movement and dates suitable for them. Consolidators also have a large base of customers ranging from Freight Forwarding companies and manufacturers. These companies provide substantial tonnage and volume on a weekly basis allowing consolidators to load multiple containers every week to most worldwide destinations which further ensures reliability of sailings.

A large container shipping vessel on the ocean carrying goods for international removals
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Our Unique Packing

How We Pack For Your Overseas Move

Our unique packing allows us to ship faster and safer.

Learn more about our safer packing.

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We are extremely proud of our unique packing process. We are the only international removals company in the UK that uses this tried and tested method to ship your treasured personal possessions overseas.

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