How to Settle into the Australian Life - By Australians!

Planning a move to Australia? Follow these steps to make settling in easy!

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Austin: Cultural Hotspot of Texas

The Texan city of Austin is so proud of its culture that it even has its own website developed to help anyone who's relocating to the USA to discover the city’s treats and treasures.

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The Best Australian Cities for Quality of Life

We cover the best Australian cities for quality of life as ranked by Monocle Magazine's Quality of Life Survey.

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Palletised Shipping (Infographic)

Check out our new infographic on what makes us the best!

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Top Destinations Outside the EU for Brits Moving Abroad

We take a look back through years of data on over 100,000 moves abroad to see where exactly Britain is moving from and where they are moving to!

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Shipping Famous Landmarks Overseas

We've been flexing our creative muscles to visualise what it might take to relocate some of the world's most famous landmarks abroad.

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Minimise Your Possessions for an Easy Move

Minimalism - your new best friend as a soon-to-be expat. Here we take a look at minimalism, what it can do for you, and how it’s more than just a craze for the affluent.

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How Shipping Got Faster (Infographic)

We take a look at the interesting evolution of cargo shipping and how shipping has got faster since its inception in early human history... in infographic form!

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The Biggest things to Ever Be Transported by Sea

Shipping makes the world go round. Literally. Every day, thousands of containers are loaded on to enormous ships to begin their cross-continental journey to the consumers who need them.

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How Much Would it Cost to Ship Daenerys’ Army?

The new season of Game of Thrones is on the horizon and *spoiler alert* what this means is we’ll finally get to find out what will happen when Daenerys and her vast army reach the shores of Westeros. But how much would it cost for 1st Move International to ship her army's goods across the ocean?

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Is Malta the New Spain?

Malta has been besieged more times than its people would care to remember – but the island is now facing a new invasion – of Brits looking for a Mediterranean makeover!

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Increase in Brits Looking to Move to the USA Despite Trump Election

More people Googled "move to canada" following the victory of President Trump on November 2016 than ever before. But immigration from the United States not - and never has been - one way traffic.

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What is the Best Country for UK Expats?

There are many reasons for wanting to up-sticks and leave the UK, better weather, a new job, a fresh start or perhaps economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Whatever it might be, your new home needs to be somewhere that makes your life better

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Australia: East Coast v West Coast

Chill out in Perth or mellow out in Melbourne? The east and west coasts of Australia both have much to offer, but differ greatly in atmosphere, climate and scenery.

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Expat Guide to Ottawa

Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is in the province of Ontario and situated to the north east of the country. The city is rich in culture and has a population with a wide mix of ethnicities.

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More Things to do in Christchurch

If you're moving to New Zealand, don't miss out on visiting Christchurch - the garden city situated on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and well known for its dramatic vistas and beautiful scenery.

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South African Expats Tempted Back by Homecoming Campaign

With zero unemployment in certain skilled professions, and increasing opportunities back home, 400,000 expat white South Africans have moved back to South Africa since 2009.

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UK Expat Accounts Under Threat in the US

Following numerous global tax avoidance scandals, as well as the recent financial crisis, governments all over the world are trying to boost their tax revenues. This is great news for public finances, but for UK expats living in the USA recent changes to tax laws in the US could mean forced closure of their UK bank accounts.

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Your Pallets Packed - Live

We are the only international removals company in the UK who use this revolutionary shipping method for the transportation of personal effects and household goods, and once we have packed your shipment we post a picture of every move to our Facebook page. Neat!

Real customer reviews

Simply the best! Highly recommend 1st Move International, outstanding service. I had a large shipment of all my worldly goods to SA of which many items were very fragile. The packaging was so amazing not a single item was broken. And the communication was excellent all the way. Thank you to all at the company.

We have used 1st Move International over the past five years and never had a concern. The service we have received has encouraged us to give 1st Move International's details to all our friends

Everything about 1st Move itself was excellent - they were efficient, courteous, very responsive to all my concerns and very straightforward to deal with.

These guys are the best, superb service and amazing packing skills, everything arrived safely and not a scratch or broken glass in sight.