International Removals UK to Australia

Are you moving to Australia and looking for a removals company to safely ship your household goods and personal effects from the UK?

1st Move International offer unique COVID safe packing and zero touch delivery from the UK to Australia, with fast weekly shipping to all main Australian ports and cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Fremantle.

Our packing allows us to offer guaranteed weekly sailings from the UK by sharing containers with commercial exporters. No need to wait for private individuals to fill up our containers!

We have over 23 years’ experience in shipping goods to Australia and we offer a range of moving options to suit your budget, including full container services for those larger moves.

Here you'll find all of the important information you'll need on international removals to Australia including cost guides, available services, our packing procedures, transit times, customs information and more.

Moving to Australia During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our team have committed to continue providing the best overseas removals services during these rough times and strive to offer our help and advice for anyone wishing to move to Australia. We have taken measures to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers and we remain open and operating as per government and BAR guidelines, offering the only fully COVID-safe international removals services.

Why Choose 1st Move International?

Unique COVID Safe Packing

We are the only UK international removals company that offers COVID-safe packing solutions when shipping household goods from the UK to Australia.

Our shrink-wrap packing prevents handling of individual items, ensuring a zero touch delivery and providing the best protection for your goods during your move.

Guaranteed Weekly Shipping

Unlike most movers, we guarantee regular weekly shipments direct from the UK to all main ports in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Fremantle - with door to door services available throughout all of Australia.

Once it’s packed we will immediately give you the next available weekly sailing and you can track the container and vessel here.

Fully Insured

Thanks to our unique packing procedures, we enjoy the lowest claims record of any removals company. No compromises. We palletise all of your goods together to guarantee that, once packed, items are never handled individually.

Reduced handling means less risks and maximum safety for your move. Moving insurance services are provided by insurance giants Royal Sun Alliance.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We've been in the removals business for over 23 years and we've helped ship countless individuals from the UK to Australia and elsewhere.

Our dedicated team of move managers will guide you through every step of the process and will be on hand to provide advice should you have any questions.


We are established members of:

  • the British Association of Removers (BAR)
  • the British International Freight Association (BIFA)
  • the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)

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Packing For Your International Move to Australia

We are the only international removals company to employ this system of packing and we have been doing so for the last 20 years. Our palletised shrink-wrap packing is proven to:

  • Give your belongings unparalled protection in transit to Australia
  • Drastically reduce handling of individual items
  • Speed up customs clearance
  • Provide a COVID-safe method of shipping your goods overseas

See how it's done in this short video:

UK to Australia Shipping Options

Dedicated Container

We offer a Full Container Load (FCL) shipping service in which you have sole use of 1 or more 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. This is ideal for when you are moving the entire contents of your home to Australia.

This service is offered either direct from your door or collected and packed at our own 20,000 sqft packing facilities.

Shared Container

Perfect for those smaller moves. We will pick up your stuff, expertly pack it using our COVID Safe ShrinkFast packing, then load it within the week on the next UK to Australia shipping vessel.

Our LCL service does not sacrifice speed. We are able to load your hand crafted pallets alongside commercial shipments from large exporters. That means there's no waiting around for additional customers - your stuff leaves as soon as we've packed it!

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Collection & Delivery (door to door)

Full door to door options are available. We offer collection serivces throughout the whole of the UK and onward delivery at your destination can be arranged with our network of overseas agents.

International Removals Costs from the UK to Australia

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Australia?

Are you moving to Australia and want to find out how much it will cost to ship your stuff? We've put together a very simple price guide for international removals and personal effects shipping to Australia.

Short Answer: The cost of international removals from the UK to Australia is between £1,000 and £2,000 depending on the size of your move and your destination. For a detailed cost breakdown please see our table below.

Shipping and Moving Costs from the UK to Australia

Destination Port 3 Bed House - 20ft Container Cost (GBP) 4-5 Bed House - 40ft Container Cost (GBP)
Melbourne £1,137 £1,984
Sydney £1,139 £1,986
Adelaide £1,139 £1,986
Brisbane £1,139 £1,986

Important information about these moving costs

Our costs table should be used as a simple guide only. We do not know where you live, where you are going, or how much stuff you have so the costs guide does not include the following charges: UK collection, onward delivery from the port in Australia to your new home, professional packing and loading costs.

Get in touch by completing the simple quote form on this page and we'll be happy to provide a tailored quote with these costs included. Just as a rough estimate, for a 3 bed house from Oxford to Sydney you should budget another £1800.00 to £2000.00 for the transport, packing and unpacking costs.

Shipping Dates and Transit Times to Australia

There is a shipping vessel bound for Australia leaving the UK at least once every 7 days and the port to port transit time is around 40 days depending on your specific destination

Sailing and Transit Times for UK to Australia

Destination Next Sailing Transit Time
Adelaide Under 1 Week 38 Days
Brisbane Under 1 Week 41 Days
Fremantle Under 1 Week 37 Days
Melbourne Under 1 Week 39 Days
Sydney Under 1 Week 40 Days

Visit our sailing schedules page for more detailed information.

Customs and Quarantine Requirements in Australia

Australia’s Department of Agriculture have strict quarantine regulations to prevent pests and diseases from entering the country and potentially harming their natural environment. There are strict guidelines on the importation of plant and animal materials and any items which have been in contact with soil or dirt including outdoor items such as garden tools, golf shoes, outdoor play equipment etc.

The Australia government publishes further import and quarantine guidelines and advice here. And you can download the Australia Customs form B534 here.

What Can't I Take to Australia?

For further information on our customs clearance services and details of prohibited goods into Australia please click here.

UPE: Government Concessions on Used Personal Effects.

Used personal effects are not subject normally to import duties, GST or taxes and we are often asked exactly what constitutes 'Used Personal Effects' from an Australia customs standpoint. The Australia government uses the following criteria when considering what are UPE’s.

UPEs are a special category of imported goods. If certain conditions are met, your UPEs may be customs cleared without requiring you to lodge import declarations or pay duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or other taxes and charges. For any used personal effects or household goods to be available for the special concessions you must.

  • Be the owner of the goods and have personally owned and used the goods for at least 12 months before departing from the UK for Australia
  • Have arrived or intend to arrive in Australia, and be an arriving person who is a permanent resident returning to Australia or a first time migrant from a place outside Australia taking up permanent residency.

Please note however that Duty, GST/Taxes and/or Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) will be payable if your Used Personal Effects include alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, spirits or other alcoholic beverages, and/or cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco related products.

Further information on UPE can be found in this PDF document provided by the Australian Customs and Border Protection service.

Shipping Your Car to Australia

Our sister company Autoshippers offer weekly container car shipping services from the UK to all main Australian ports. Find info on the rules and regulations and how much it costs to ship a car from the UK to Australia here.

If you're moving to Australia and looking for safe and fast shipping service simply fill in our quick quote form and find out more about our weekly shipping, great moving rates and unbeatable packing that ensures a stress free, safe and reliable international move to Australia.